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How to Identify and Flip the Script on a Skeezer

(Excerpt from The Good Man's Survival Guide: How to Identify and Avoid a No Good Skeezer)

"DeAr Hunting Season" (Oct 31st - Feb 14th). If you don't know what DeAr Hunting Season is all about I suggest you go to my blog that describes it in detail. Females will begin to ALLOW you to invite them out on dates and spend YOUR money on them (trust me on this one, ok?). It's up to you to SCREEN THEM PROPERLY. All I can do is provide you with helpful information. You have to decide YOUR fate. Are you going to be their next FOOL?

Chapter 3 - How to Flip the Script on a Skeezer (They can't say no to what they think is going to be a FREE MEAL with no obligations).

The vast majority of women are taking advantage of decent males that have a genuine interest in them. A considerate and unselfish woman should not accept you spending your money feeding or entertaining her IF she has no genuine interest in you. She should be considerate and pay her own way in that case to keep it…

Is The Game In You or On You

If It’s Not Beneficial It's Artificial. Authentic Over Everything
In this thread, I want to address the game being ON most cats rather than In them. Have the Game in you is what I, and most, aspire to accomplish. The byproduct being having that inner glow of confidence. However, many fail to accomplish this, leaving them wearing a shine of arrogance. Through much investigation, I have found that this failure to possess true inner game comes from approaching the game from the view point of a consumer/customer. You see when you approach the game, or whatever it is you are into, from the mindset of a customer you believe you can buy into it. Basically tricking off to get your desired result.

Example: Overdressing to look like a player or looking like money. Buying into a franchise instead of building an empire from the ground floor. Buying multiple pills and products to get in shape instead of learning the game and putting in the work.

All these things usually don't last, or require…

Shaming Tactics

Shaming tactics are emotional attacks meant to play on a man’s insecurities and shut down a debate.  It's often used to gain sympathy for women that respond emotionally to logical questions & responses. It's also used to make men seem wrong, evil for some of you that believe in good & bad. 

Shaming tactics were used whenever you used logic in a debate (or argument) with a female, and she responded emotionally. Even if she says she's responding logically, if she responds irrationally, then she's using a shaming tactic. –Stop Simping Movement, October 16, 2014

Familiarize yourselves with 
'The Catalogue of Anti-Male Shaming Tactics' | Exposing Feminism

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Women's behavior can be really disgusting, and it's men's fault for that

The previous weekend, 10 days ago, I went out for drinks with two female friends. We sat on a table were a mixed group of 7-8 other people was present. I opened the group; I did some friendly discussion with all of them and some light flirting with two of the girls. In the end, we exchanged Facebook info with the two girls.

Fast forward, the previous Saturday. Out of the blue, one of the girls, a hot bimbo (8.5) sends me a message on Facebook: "Hey henry_k. How are you?" and a second message relating to the bantering we did: "We could do business with music. You remember?” We exchanged a couple of messages more, and we arranged to go out on the following night, Sunday.

On Sunday, I sent her a message to go out to a specific place at 9pm which she rescheduled for 10. I already had plans to go to that location with some female friends, as it had a Latin party, so I arrived there at 9pm to dance.

10pm o'clock comes and passes with no signs of her. At 10:30pm, she sent me …

Levels of Dependency

There are various levels of dependency but I’ll just type about 3. There’s dependent. Children are dependent upon their parents. If you have a woman that’s dependent upon you then you have to carry her weight along with your own.

Next is interdependent. Successful teams consist of interdependent players; players capable of moving on their own that move in unison for the benefit of the team. When you’re a thorough dude and you’re
lacing your lady or just allowing her to absorb your vibe and adjust herself to the way you’re moving, and she in turn goes out and makes things happen that benefits the relationship’s cause as a whole, she is in turn interdependent and submitting to your cause at the same time (this is happening because she’s moving in the direction that you want her to move in without you holding her hand).

Finally, there’s independent. People that live in cabins in the woods are independent. A woman that is independent in a relat
ionship moves in her own direction rather than …

Saving Versus Upgrading

I decided to make this post because in today’s day and time these two seem to get much skewed. I’ll keep this as simple as possible.

When you’re upgrading your lady, you’re implanting in her new skills and logic that should last for a lifetime. When you’re saving her, you’re giving her things that will only last temporarily. A great example of this is the old saying “If you give a man a fish he’ll eat for a day but if you teach a man to fish he’ll eat for a lifetime.”

Now, with this being stated it needs to be understood that nowadays women are expected to work. (They can thank feminism for that. :-D ) So, with this being understood, women today really should stay within their league, if they don’t have game, because despite what the media tells them, there really aren’t that many Captain Save a Hoes out here. Most guys with the money to save a broad have sense, and spending your money taking care of someone that has every opportunity to do the same for themselves is stupid. I stated th…

Males Protecting and Providing only through Finances is simply Perception

It’s all about perception. A lot of you women look at a man protecting and providing only from the financial standpoint, and a lot of men do too. However, if a guy is pointing you in the right direction (since he’s supposed to be head of the household) and preventing you from making unnecessary pitfalls then he’s protecting through his leadership abilities. Furthermore, if the same guy is pointing you in directions to make money to bring back and contribute and support your common cause (which is his since he’s the leader), thus adding to the family pot, then he’s also providing because he’s opened your eyes to new lucrative possibilities that you didn’t see before by, once again, using his leadership capabilities. Finally, a woman contributing and supporting the relationship also does entail her adding to the pot (because women are working nowadays) because they’re together, so they’re working to build. –Jason Williams (April 26, 2013)

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Due to the frequency of police killings against Black people there have been noteworthy people creating documentaries to educate Black people so that they can increase their awareness of White supremacy and thus create a solution to combat this ever-growing problem. The solution is Black people must begin practicing group economics just like every other group does. The breadth of information being released now is fantastic but unfortunately people are beginning to rely on looking at the information and that’s it. Creators of this information have even come out and informed these professional-life-students that they aren’t creating all of these documentaries and releasing all of this information, which has already been out now for decades, so that people can become complacent in absorbing information. The purpose is to teach Black people how to combat the system of White supremacy. These professional-life-students are so dependent upon more and more information being released until the…

Tangible Assistance from other Groups to Combat White Supremacy

Due to the string of Black people being killed, there have been mass demonstrations from various groups including White people as well. This is great, but Black people shouldn’t take this to heart because at the end of the day this is simply symbolism. Symbolic gestures look good to the media, but in reality, they don’t accomplish much. All Black people that interact with other groups that state that they’d like to help should ask them to spend money at our establishments. Simply position it like this, “Whenever you’re out and about, and you need to do some shopping, shop at one of our establishments if possible.” The easiest and most tangible thing anyone can do is help us build our economy because only a sound economic base will combat these government-sanctioned killings. There are people asking other groups to take action such as pointing out the White supremacists on these juries, but the reality is this is unlikely to happen because other people have a code which enables them to…

Resting on your Laurels

This is a very thorough video by Rich of ReviewTechUSA. In this video he speaks about how when Microsoft was king of the gaming hill how they’re customer service suffered, but now that they’re competing to get back there once again, they’ve now stepped their customer service game up. This lackadaisical behavior by businesses is why many of them are suffering in breaking away from their packs. You have to do things that bring about success, and once you are successful you have to continue doing those things.

Further examination.

This notion applies to business as well as relationships. A lot of people put their best foot forward in the dating stages of a relationship but once comfort sets in (just like with businesses) they begin to rest on their laurels; they begin to take each other for granted which creates negative tension resulting in dissention which drives them in separate directions. Once again, you have to do what works and continue doing what has worked.

(You can check out all o…

People that Attempt to Refute Facts

A few days ago while over at a friend’s house playing a role-playing board-game I got into a minor argument with one of the guys there. This happened over the validity of rather or not the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are so fragile that they can bend with minimal force. This argument started because I inquired about what type of phone does he have. He has an iPhone 5S. I told him, “okay, I didn’t know what type of iPhone that was”. I told him that news has circulated about the iPhone 6 and 6+ getting bent while in people's pockets, if they happen to wear skinny jeans. (We don't wear these, by the way.) He told me that he didn’t believe the media about the iPhone 6 and 6+. He told me about how it has guerrilla glass which makes it impossible to bend. I told him that the glass isn’t bending so much so as the aluminum on the back. He went back to how the iPhone 6 and 6+ have guerilla glass which prevents it from being able to be bent. I asked him has he seen the videos and he resp…

Mirror of Desires part 2

Being a blank canvas that others can paint as they wish far exceeds the realm of intimate seduction. I practice this exercise all of the time. Usually people that I interact with tell me that I remind them of so-and-so that they know. These are always people that they’re on good terms with. They simply romanticize me as being that other person. I further exude that person's traits by inquiring about that person to see how were they and what relationship did the person romanticizing me have with that person. I become so engrossed in their minds as being that other person until people will tell me that I look like so-and-so despite me not looking at all like the person. This allows me to break walls down easily and put people at ease since I remind them of someone that they’re on good terms with. This power is a great ability to use in general social settings because it allows you to get to know people for who they really are rather than the facades that they put up. The more you pr…

Mirror of Desires

A concept and philosophy that I believe in is never selling myself to a bitch. One thing that I don’t do is ever go out of my way to attract a bitch; this is what I mean when I typed selling yourself to a bitch. I believe in flipping this concept and making a woman sell herself to you. What I mean by this is you allow the female to go out of her way to impress you. Most guys qualify themselves for females. The problem with this is if you’re going out of your way to make her like you then you’re always going to have to go out of your way to keep her interested. You end the way you started; this is energy consuming. Doing the reverse is energy retaining; however, this is deeper than that. Females like to live in their own little world of fantasies. You become that mirror for her to explore her fantasies
with. Become a blank canvas that she uses to paint her fantasy of the ideal man. However, while doing this do not violate your principles, so when she begins to veer off of a path you’re…

Art of Seduction Archetypes

Seduction Archetype - The Ideal Lover

The ideal lover is the man or woman who embodies every one's dreams. Many have felt disillusioned because their dream man or woman, who they'd been fantasizing about since their teens, seemed to be just a figment of their imaginations. Then an ideal lover comes along that offers them everything they've ever wanted; adventure, romance, a spiritual and emotional connection, physical and intellectual stimulation.....

The ideal lover is an exceptionally multi-dimensional individual, and knows what a target wishes for and is able to play the role EXACTLY as the present man or woman wishes it to be. I suggest that all women try to become and ideal lover and I show you how to become an ideal lover in my online seduction academy for women; Feminissima - School of Feminine Arts

Seduction Archetype - The Dandy

The dandy is the rather mysterious and ambiguous man or woman who can't be 100% accurately categorized - as an individual or gender …

Game > Scientific Statistics

The game transcends science or practical logic. A person can hit you with a million different reasons why something can’t be done, but someone truly laced will slip through the cracks.

For example: bankruptcy is supposed to be used to repay your debts when your debts exceed your assets and ability to repay them. However, a strategic thinking person like Donald Trump has figured out how to use bankruptcy to repay his debts, but reacquire his assets, and gain more than he had before. He’s filed bankruptcy several times but has A1 credit, and has made it to the pinnacle (billionaire status), so it’s possible if your game is tight enough (in the financial department). Game goofy people can hit you with a million different reasons why it’s improbable, but that doesn’t stop the fact that Donald Trump has done it several times. Game > Scientific Statistics –TheKing_65 (June 18, 2013)

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America’s Racism in the International Spotlight

The non-indictment verdict in the case of white officer Darren Wilson and the subsequent uprising of African American freedom fighters in Ferguson and the entire country this week has put America’s long history of systematic racism against Melanoid people back in the international spotlight. Headlines are coming in from news sources around the world that give commentary on the situations surrounding Ferguson. The international press is pointing out the hypocrisy of the U.S. when it comes to race relations, and many commentators have taken the opportunity to question America’s credentials as a human rights leader. China The death of Michael Brown, whose killing sparked the unrest, is “a stark reminder for Uncle Sam that there are a lot of human rights violations on its own soil,” says China’s official news agency Xinhua. “It should first fix its own problems before criticizing other countries.” Xinhua adds that few other countries are “as self-righteous and complacent as the United States w…

No Black Person In America Should Shop On Black Friday

The verdict has come down in the situation of Darren Wilson, and the message is crystal clear: in the eyes of the dominant society, Black lives do not matter. We live in a system of white supremacy where Black lives can be taken or destroyed with impunity at any given moment.
The white supremacists have shown us that they feel that they can do anything they want to Black people and we can’t do anything about it. And they have the military muscle (police, swat, National Guards, and etc.) to back them up. Many Black people woefully accept this narrative because trying to replace the system of white supremacy with a system of justice is indeed quite challenging.
The primary way the system of white supremacy is used to control and disempower Black people is through the economy of the white supremacists. So the way for Black people to empower themselves is through economics. Melanoid people are going to have to utilize the income they use to empower every other group (particularly groups who…