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Dealing with White Nationalists

“The Secret World of Mormonism - Mormon Cartoon” 

Earlier today (about two hours ago) I was at a charity event. While there I had a conversation with an elderly man (71 years of age). We discussed many different topics starting with finances which led to schooling. The elder man asked me what school I go to and I told him. He told me about what to look into when choosing a school (because my school doesn’t show up as being a top-ranked school). I told him about my school and how it’s regionally accredited which is supposed to be better than being nationally accredited. He told me a source to go to ensure that I choose a top-ranked school. I told him that I chose my school due to its speed and its usefulness to me. (I go there using military benefits that cover three years of schooling. I can graduate from there in two and a half years.) Next, he told me about looking for jobs how it’s best to accept a role as an employee before going for management so you can learn the ins and outs of …

Always Stay Alert/3rd Eye & 3rd Ear

I’ll start by typing that I live my life according to the “48 Laws of Power”. In the preface of the “48 Laws of Power” Robert Greene talks about staying alert so that nothing catches you off guard. Utilizing your 3rd eye and 3rd ear allows you to use discernment to what people are really saying to discover the untold truth of their words.
 Now, at my job I’ve recently discovered 2 things. 1 is that there isn’t much room for career progression and 2 is that longevity is an uncertainty there. I’ve noticed since I’ve been in training that all of the associates seem to be walking on egg shells there. I’ve also heard it mentioned what’s required in production. The associates and up keep making it seem really simple to adhere to these standards but yesterday I managed to get a hard number assigned to these standards. (I already know what the standards are but now I know what 1 of these associates’ number is in regards to this standard.) His number confirmed my suspicion that progression ther…

In Praise of the Bad Guy

In Pimp by Iceberg Slim, almost the entire book is devoted to his life on the streets, to learning the game of pimping and mastering it. Then comes a riveting account of his time in prison, and finally, at the end, a fiery denunciation of his wasted years as a pimp. This moralizing ending has largely been ignored. Instead, the book has become a manual for how to be the ultimate pimp. In his other books, it is the con artist, the gang leader and hustler who holds our attention and draws our sympathy. We become absorbed in reading about the pressures of life on the streets and how each individual finds a way to get ahead, by any means necessary. In The Art of Seduction I describe the Rake character, a man who is amoral and faithless, but who is devastatingly seductive to women. History abounds with such examples. Lord Byron slept with his sister, ruined many a young girl with his heartlessness, treated his wife abominably, but the women kept flocking to him in great numbers. After Errol…

People Mostly Do What Benefits Them

In the light of the posts “Before you spend any money on a woman...” in the “Ask Tariq” section and “Hypergamy and Black Women Marrying Up” in the “Ladies’ Room” section these inspired me to make this post.

A hard truth for people to accept is that in life people mostly do what benefits them (despite all of the moral fronts they use to sugarcoat it). An example is simply the post “Before you spend any money on a woman...” in the “Ask Tariq” section. The women are partitioning for the men to accept spending money while getting to know women on dates. This is beneficial to them. The guys are arguing that doing this disadvantages me because I get nothing out of this. On the post “Hypergamy and Black Women Marrying Up” in the “Ladies’ Room” section one woman clearly stated it doesn’t benefit women to date down. Her father told her to only date guys at her level (she means financially) or above (once again financially). Doing this benefits her. One thing in life people need to realize is de…

“Episode #260-"Tariq Nasheed Exclusive Interview with Best Selling Author Robert Greene"”

You can visit his sites at and/or He also has the website

Finally, you can check out Robert Greene's site here:

(This video came from Malcolm Hampton Newton's channel.)

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The Game of Power


This piece discusses the relevance of power in comparative as well as absolutist terms. One thing I have found is, the word “power,” contains specific connotations to most people. They hear the word “power” and it conjures up an image of absolutist, concentrated power. A king, judge, dictator or some other esteemed or highly influential individual. However, these roles are merely the symbolic embodiments of a concentration of power, saturated power. Power permeates the entirety of the societal structure in subtle and not-so-subtle nuances that dominate each and every social interaction. Everyone has a place. There is a pecking order. Sometimes the contrast is oblique, other times it is resounding.

Power and popularity have an incestuous relationship; they fellate each other, reciprocally. One would argue that popularity itself is a manifestation of power, although popularity is certainly possible without power. Some would say popularity is a form of soft power that can pre…

Crush Your Enemies Completely

Buona sera gentlemen, I'm in a particularly vindictive mood this evening. It's just as well; my mood will perfectly fit my subject of crushing one's enemies.
I know, you're probably thinking I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and all I need is a few good cups of espresso to get rid of some crankiness, but that is not the case. What I'm about to tell all you lunkheads out there is of vital importance if you aspire to being powerful & successful.

everyone has enemies

First off, as much as you think you're a great guy and that everyone loves you, I'm telling you that you have enemies. Everyone has enemies.
Enemies are a reality of business as much as death and taxes. If you could eliminate death and taxes forever, would you do so? Of course you would, so why would you not eliminate your enemies too?

La Famiglia has taught me many things, namely: you can get around paying your taxes (just ask my friend Bob at the IRS); you can even occasionally …


Now You See Me, Now You Don't

Do you want to know why females are not chasing you?

It's because you’re not allowing them to. Most men are too busy chasing women to understand the fact that women love to chase their dreams too. If not more, than men. Many players recite the theory of "being the prize" yet few embrace it. Many players walk past a Bad Broad saying to their brethren "Man! Did you see that?" Few will say, "Did she see me?"

What's the essence of a trophy?

1. Stay Rare and scarce. Allow every competitor to believe they can obtain you through hard work.

2. Stay Polished. In your mannerism, mouthpiece, sleight of hand, and appearance. No one likes Dust.

3. Present yourself only after the season. Not before or During. Only after the game has been played may the winner embrace your essences. You never heard of the Oscars searching for people to attend.

(Extended Version)

1. Staying Scarce and Rare involves managing time and appearances. Managing…

The Presence of a True Player

I was chatting with my homie and decided to make this post.
 We all have seen and heard how true dimes get treated so we know that they get preferential treatment most places they go so this isn’t anything new. However, true players get preferential treatment as well. When you’re a true bona fide player within this thing, then you’ll notice when you step onto the playground (club)
that all eyes are on you. The bouncers greet you differently; club goers ensure to greet you; even the ladies act differently around you. You may even find yourself getting into the V.I.P for free just for being so trump tight with your immaculate presence. When you hit the scene and spit at broads their posture may show a bit of nervousness from how powerful your presence is; you may see the look of pure desire within their eyes while you grace them with your words and your aura. Don’t be surprised if you have ladies offering to give you stuff and do things for you on general principle. All of these things c…

Life is like a game of chess

“Life is like a game of chess” is a quote that is often used because in order to be SUCCESSFUL in life you must move tactfully at all times. Doing this consistently ultimately culminates into strategic moves. In the game of chess you must constantly move tactfully to ultimately culminate into a checkmate (one big strategic move) in order to win. –Jason Williams (June 15, 2013)

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Women that fuck too soon

I'll leave you all with this.

Dudes, that say they do not respect women that sleep with them too early, sleep with them on the first date, or like females that make them wait are some straight up SIMPS.

They say they lose respect for women that sleep with them too soon. That shit speaks volumes about those simps since they are sleeping with her. You are really losing respect for yourself.

It's like you're saying, "She's out of my league. I don't deserve to have her. Moreover, she should be fucking someone else, & not my simp ass."

That’s what you simps sound like you are saying.

She's supposed to be cooperating with you. Why would you be cool with her making you wait?

Why would you feel like you have to work for it? If she's cooperating, why are you working towards earning her? She's supposed to earn you; earn the right to fuck you.

A woman is a reflection of you. So, if she's a slut, & you lose respect for her for having sex with you &am…

Green Trumps Skin Color

Now, I just finished talking with my homie that told me that he talked to his mentor, Mark, about my post “Rise to Power”. His mentor told him that in the past guys have gathered their money in hopes to buy airports from white people but were turned down. He also told him that even if a black person gets a white person to agree to the terms of doing business with them and managing the business (while the owner collects the majority of the money from owning the business) that once he/she dies the white people will try to take it away. He also said that some may just try to extort the black person to begin with. Now this could raise a dilemma, or cause you to dig deeper. It’s true that some white people can’t see green pass white. People that adhere to the white alliance to this extent are limited in the amount of power that can/will attain because their holding on to false alliances built on a superiority complex simply for oppression. Smarter white nationalists understand that green t…

Rise to Power

Alright, I had a conversation with a homie of mine which caused me to come up with this off of the top of the dome. (I don’t know how I did it. :-D ) My homie was telling me that he’d like to invest in properties and put together a reform action with black people in place to finally for the first time allow black people to help each other in a sincere positive way. I told him that there have been a few times when black communities did truly become self-sustaining and efficient. Moreover, due to this, angry racist marched into town and burned, bombed, and killed the citizens and destroyed everything bringing everything back to ruin, so it’s fruitless to continue overtly combating your enemy when it’s far simpler to allow your enemy (not that I’m typing that white people are our enemies, just racist ones are) to perceive you as aligning yourself with their cause. I told him that if the “black community” really wants to get itself together then what needs to happen is a collective joinin…