Always Stay Alert/3rd Eye & 3rd Ear

I’ll start by typing that I live my life according to the “48 Laws of Power”. In the preface of the “48 Laws of Power” Robert Greene talks about staying alert so that nothing catches you off guard. Utilizing your 3rd eye and 3rd ear allows you to use discernment to what people are really saying to discover the untold truth of their words.
 Now, at my job I’ve recently discovered 2 things. 1 is that there isn’t much room for career progression and 2 is that longevity is an uncertainty there. I’ve noticed since I’ve been in training that all of the associates seem to be walking on egg shells there. I’ve also heard it mentioned what’s required in production. The associates and up keep making it seem really simple to adhere to these standards but yesterday I managed to get a hard number assigned to these standards. (I already know what the standards are but now I know what 1 of these associates’ number is in regards to this standard.) His number confirmed my suspicion that progression there was difficult. He told his number and it meets and exceeds standards but just barely. Associates and up have been making it seem as though it’s easy to excel past the standards but now I have confirmation from 1 of their top associates that that’s a lie. 1 thing that’s very important is to never take words at face value. (I think most of us here know this.) Another thing is to observe the body language and what’s said along with how it’s said to gain further clarity of what’s intended (3rd ear + 3rd eye).
 The people at my job I’ve noticed seem to walk on egg shells and seem petrified of making mistakes. From this I gathered that it must be pretty easy to get fired there. Furthermore, the people at my job have mentioned the standard requirements but would never mention their personal production which led me to believe that despite their assurances that meeting and exceeding standards is easy that doing so is really quite challenging. This is why it’s imperative to never take anything at face value.
Now that I know what I’m up against I know that it’s a good idea to begin setting up a plan b and maybe even an exit strategy. I also know how to go about enacting my exit strategy if it becomes time to do so. The people at my job I noticed like to assure you that everything is fine despite your suspicions of otherwise so I’d simply leave while assuring them that everything was fine and that I just found that I’m interested in doing something else.
I learned from watching Brett Hart’s documentary that it’s never wise to show your hand to your boss because making your boss play his hand will come back to haunt you.

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If you want to leave for more money, showing your boss that you’ve been offered a substantial amount more to leave is not the best idea. Your boss may meet your demand and pay you more but he/she will insure that he/she gets his/her money back with interest, and also won’t hesitate to drop you if he/she needs to thin his/her flock. It’s best if you want more money to just ask without showing your hand thus giving him/her a chance to show how much or how little you actually matter. From here you can blindside your boss by submitting your resignation a couple weeks later if you find out that you don’t matter to your boss.
By the way, in regards to my situation at my job, I managed to get my suspicions confirmed by befriending 1 of the top associates and using discernment to what he was saying. (Insider information. :-D ) –Jason Williams (September 13, 2013)

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