Life is Like a Game of Poker

Life is like a game of poker, and being a Black male in America is like being dealt a bad hand while being a White male in America is like being dealt a good hand. However, in the game of poker the one with the best hand doesn’t always win. The winner is the one that most skillfully plays his hand. If you know how to hold a staunch face, play boldly, and even bluff you can trick others into folding when they could've beaten you. In life it’s the same way. You can get around any obstacle if you have enough game. The power of influence allows you to persuade people into your side of things. The power of seduction allows you to use magnetic charm that attracts people to you, and the power of manipulation allows you to masterfully change other people’s way of thinking rather they know it or not. Raising your game to a level where you’re able to use all 3 of these at will remove many barriers in your path and allow you to go around others. An example of this would be a beautiful secretary working for a Fortune 500 Company and her being highly unqualified for her position but her continuing to be there. She utilized her beauty to seduce her sucker boss into hiring her, and utilizes her vagina to stay around while not actually doing anything. So, if you don’t want to abide by the rules set forth to you then improve your game to a level where you don’t have to play by the rules set forth unto you; you can adjust them or even create your own (if you're powerful enough). –TheKing_65 (November 5, 2013)

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