People Mostly Do What Benefits Them

In the light of the posts “Before you spend any money on a woman...” in the “Ask Tariq” section and “Hypergamy and Black Women Marrying Up” in the “Ladies’ Room” section these inspired me to make this post.

A hard truth for people to accept is that in life people mostly do what benefits them (despite all of the moral fronts they use to sugarcoat it). An example is simply the post “Before you spend any money on a woman...” in the “Ask Tariq” section. The women are partitioning for the men to accept spending money while getting to know women on dates. This is beneficial to them. The guys are arguing that doing this disadvantages me because I get nothing out of this. On the post “Hypergamy and Black Women Marrying Up” in the “Ladies’ Room” section one woman clearly stated it doesn’t benefit women to date down. Her father told her to only date guys at her level (she means financially) or above (once again financially). Doing this benefits her. One thing in life people need to realize is despite the moral fronts being thrown at you at the end of the day people are generally interested in doing what benefits them. Once a person accepts this truth they’ll automatically acquire radar sensor for all advice. Once you understand that most people are interested in benefitting themselves you begin screening the advice you’re given to determine what do they get out of it. This screening mechanism will prevent you from disadvantaging yourself oftentimes in life simply because you’ll weigh your pros and cons of following this advice. There are very few people in life that have actually attempted to benefit everyone as a whole in life. (Look this up.) Furthermore, you’ll have a harder time finding anyone that was successful at doing this simply because opponents of theirs found it unbeneficial for everyone to benefit causing them to put a stop to that person. Therefore, once a person accepts that most people do what’s beneficial to them and starts using a screening procedure for advice or actions done on their behalf they’ll immediately be able to draw respective theories in their head of why this person is assisting me and what is it that they’ll get out of it.

By the way, to give an example of what I mean. This forum itself is an example of benefitting others simply because by lacing people with game now we’re contributing to creating more progressive people in the future (this involves dating, finances, history, culture, etc.). Creating a more productive future will benefit us in the long run because we’ll be able to yield the rewards we help create.  –TheKing_65 (April 18, 2013)

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