Women that fuck too soon

I'll leave you all with this.

Dudes, that say they do not respect women that sleep with them too early, sleep with them on the first date, or like females that make them wait are some straight up SIMPS.

They say they lose respect for women that sleep with them too soon. That shit speaks volumes about those simps since they are sleeping with her. You are really losing respect for yourself.

It's like you're saying, "She's out of my league. I don't deserve to have her. Moreover, she should be fucking someone else, & not my simp ass."

That’s what you simps sound like you are saying.

She's supposed to be cooperating with you. Why would you be cool with her making you wait?

Why would you feel like you have to work for it? If she's cooperating, why are you working towards earning her? She's supposed to earn you; earn the right to fuck you.

A woman is a reflection of you. So, if she's a slut, & you lose respect for her for having sex with you & not making you wait, then that makes you a simp with no respect for yourself. Moreover, everything negative you have to say about her can be said about you.

Basically, if you lose respect for her for sleeping with you too soon, what does that say about you, SIMP?

As far as I am concerned, she's fucking with me & if she feels like a slut for having sex with me on the first night, or too soon, it's like she is calling me a slut, & I ain't a slut.

I don't just fuck anybody. She's lucky I'm even fucking her. –SSM (August 19, 2013)

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