Mirror of Desires

A concept and philosophy that I believe in is never selling myself to a bitch. One thing that I don’t do is ever go out of my way to attract a bitch; this is what I mean when I typed selling yourself to a bitch. I believe in flipping this concept and making a woman sell herself to you. What I mean by this is you allow the female to go out of her way to impress you. Most guys qualify themselves for females. The problem with this is if you’re going out of your way to make her like you then you’re always going to have to go out of your way to keep her interested. You end the way you started; this is energy consuming. Doing the reverse is energy retaining; however, this is deeper than that. Females like to live in their own little world of fantasies. You become that mirror for her to explore her fantasies
with. Become a blank canvas that she uses to paint her fantasy of the ideal man. However, while doing this do not violate your principles, so when she begins to veer off of a path you’re comfortable with her portraying you as then you (figuratively) take her paint brush and guide her to painting you akin to what you want her to paint you as. This is subtle but powerful manipulation. This type of manipulation will allow you to hold females for far longer because the image she paints you as in her head is far greater than you can ever hope to live up to in reality. Also, whenever she begins to lose interest you simply allow her to remind herself of the imagery she’s painted in her head of you; this keeps her from leaving. The fantasy image that she’s painted of you, and the fact that she’s invited to tweak this image to her satisfaction, invites her to continuously reinvent you in her head. You allow her to do all of the work in keeping herself interested while you remain a blank canvas to be painted in her head. This definitely beats you going out of your way to show her your value and why she should stay. This causes her to go out of her way to keep you because how many other guys is she going to meet that are willing to become blank canvases to be painted in her head, and invite her to live out her fantasies in the real world?

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