People that Attempt to Refute Facts

A few days ago while over at a friend’s house playing a role-playing board-game I got into a minor argument with one of the guys there. This happened over the validity of rather or not the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are so fragile that they can bend with minimal force. This argument started because I inquired about what type of phone does he have. He has an iPhone 5S. I told him, “okay, I didn’t know what type of iPhone that was”. I told him that news has circulated about the iPhone 6 and 6+ getting bent while in people's pockets, if they happen to wear skinny jeans. (We don't wear these, by the way.) He told me that he didn’t believe the media about the iPhone 6 and 6+. He told me about how it has guerrilla glass which makes it impossible to bend. I told him that the glass isn’t bending so much so as the aluminum on the back. He went back to how the iPhone 6 and 6+ have guerilla glass which prevents it from being able to be bent. I asked him has he seen the videos and he responded, “yes, but I still don’t believe them because of the guerrilla glass on these phones”. Once he said that I realized that I was in a foolish argument. I told him that since he’s seen the videos then that means he knows that this is a fact, so no amount of logic he could ever hope to use could ever discredit a fact. He once again tried to bring up the guerrilla glass on these phones but I stopped him and repeated my same phrase to him and just told him that I’m not going to listen to him.

(This video has links to the bend tests done to the phones.)

The breakdown.

Some people are very good at twisting words, and he happens to be one such person, but as I told him, “no amount of logic he could ever hope to use could ever discredit a fact”. Regardless of how well a person may be at twisting stories by inserting their logic to seem credible, at the end of the day facts can’t be refuted. Ending an argument like this will make your arguer seem stupid, look stupid, and probably even feel stupid.

Further examination of this scenario.

In America whenever Black people on huge corporate propaganda news outlets (like CNBC) try to talk realistically about race you’ll have suspected White supremacists to counter them with their twisting stories that dispute undeniable facts. On a global scale, everyone recognizes that the person with delusional held beliefs is a fool and everyone that cosigns this way of thinking is also a fool because these people are attempting to refute undeniable facts.

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