Is America Yielding the returns you’d like?

Saturday I had a conversation with my librarian friend. We discussed my future moves. (I’ll be graduating soon.) My librarian friend asked me what do I intend to do once I’m done here. I told him I’m going immediately to graduate school. I told him that I want to knock out all of my schooling before truly entering the workforce. He asked me once I’m done where I intend to live. I told him that I intend to leave the country and go to Brazil. He recommended that I try my luck remaining in America first before deciding to try my hand in another country. I told him that I only do things beneficial to me. I also told him that we all know that America is filled with covert racism in many different forms. I told him about how a black person can try to go to an establishment and get turned away, or screened thoroughly while his white counterpart will easily get accepted. We agreed that this is institutionalized covert racism. My friend told me about him teaching classes from time to time, and being that he teaches African History (my librarian friend is from Rwanda) sometimes he gets white students that decide immediately not to listen to him due to him being black. He told me that when they fail, or get low grades they’ll bring it up to him and accuse him of discriminating against them due to their color, so he (my librarian friend) said he knows what I’m talking about. I told him that a smart man learns from his mistakes, and a smarter man learns from the mistakes of others. I told him that it’s common knowledge that for a black person to rise up the echelon that we have to do twice the work for the same pay. I gave him an example. I told him about when I went to the DMV recently. I told him that I noticed white people doing their jobs, and I noticed a black woman doing her job (there was more than just one black woman working there); the black woman was everywhere helping every white person (the black folks had everything under control), and she wasn’t alone (the other black workers were doing the same). Now, I didn’t type this to sew dissention, but to affirm the aforementioned statement. My librarian friend told me about one of his friends that worked as a secretary for a company (his friend is a woman from Africa); he told me that she worked for this company and made $10 an hour. He told that she worked there for years. He told me that she told him about there being a new hire there that was a white woman. She told him (my librarian friend) that the new hire was earning $40 an hour doing the same job. The woman found out because they (the new hire) became friends and chatted; the new hire let her see her W2s confirming this. So, with what I and my friend discussed this led to me to going back
to my statement. “A smart man learns from his mistakes, a smarter man learns from the mistakes of others” and “I only do what benefits me”. Due to these two beliefs I told him that since we know that in order for a black person to achieve anything he/she must work twice as hard in America, however I’m going to bypass staying in America altogether and go somewhere more beneficial to me. I told him that in Brazil the primary color is my color, so racism won’t play too big of a part from stopping me from advancing. I told him that my friend recently sent me a link to apply for a contracting job where he’s at in Afghanistan. I told him that going there nets $100K easily. I told him that my friend made $100K last year in 6 months and he was there for a year. I told him that I can go to Afghanistan once and upon leaving go to Brazil and get an inexpensive place to stay and settle down long enough to learn the environment and learn Portuguese. I told him that since I study business I know that Brazil is an emerging market, while America despite being a world power, is in debt, which means it’s broke. I told him that despite how nice it looks here, America is broke. I told him that if me or him made $100K a year but were in debt than we’d have less than a person that makes $30K a year that has no debt. I told him that America is basically looking good being broke. So, since I only do things that benefit me it doesn’t benefit me to stay here and continue going against the grain. My librarian friend asked me had I thought about Europe and I told him that Europe is similar to the U.S. since the U.S. was once controlled by Europe at one time and built itself upon European beliefs, so going to Europe would be more of the same but not quite as bad. I told him that since Brazil has a low cost of living compared to America and I’ll be a part of the majority there, becoming successful in Brazil will be a cinch.

The breakdown.

A lot of black people are afraid to leave America because we get told horror stories of traveling abroad but think about it, how great has living here really been? Has living here made achieving your goals easier? Has America been supportive of your goals and ambitions (because America is the land of “opportunity”)? If not, then I don’t understand the loyalty of residing here. I vow to only do what’s beneficial to me; that’s it. –TheKing_65 (March 11, 2013)

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