The ISM Kicked In

I was assisting a friend of mine with a lady he conversed with months ago. The woman is very attractive and is a business owner but isn’t bringing anything to the table. She’s used to her love and her intangibles being enough to satisfy her men. Unfortunately for her, the guy that she’s dealing with, my friend, is a mack, so this means that she’ll have to bring tangibles to the table. Due to this, she decided to fall back on him and do her own thing. He allowed her and sent her off with parting words. However, yesterday everything culminated like it usually does. The ISM kicked in and she could no longer resist his charm. She reached out and messaged him while being intoxicated. Now, some of you reading this may be thinking that she was just drunk emoting, however when people become intoxicated they become less inhibited thus causing them to become more honest, so her drunken messages to him were how she really feels. Since he’s kept me abreast of the situation, I’m aware that she said the same things to him last time but this time she threw her pride away and basically begged him to get with her and agreed to his terms of engagement. She demanded a photo of him which he’s been resisting sending, but relented on this, so that she can get down with the program. Doubters of the ISM need to reread my posts labeled "game" to understand how strong this shit is.

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