Ego and how having a “HEALTHY” ego is good for men.

Having an ego can be healthy. Boosting your own ego is good. You can talk about your own accomplishments and how great you are because in our society men do not get praise for what they've done even though they've done more than women & women get praise and don't do anything to get praise. So it's good to have an ego. It's just best to be in control of it. A healthy ego is good. A man can stroke his own ego. An ego he doesn't have control over leaves him open for manipulation from the bitch.

A healthy ego motivates you to be better, to strive for better, to reach for better, to be the best man you can be. It's about advancing obtaining more out of life than just money, women and a bunch of shit you do not need.

Having an ego women can boost isn't a healthy ego; a woman who builds a man and builds him up can take him right apart. 

A man who built himself, she can't even find the blue prints to take him apart because they are in his head. 

Yea. That type of ego is healthy for a man.-Stop Simping Movement (October 25, 2012)

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