Black Folks and the Fake Moral Smoke Screen

I hate to say it but Black folks have a big moral smoke screen problem. This smoke screen is only out there for other Black folks. Criminals, rapist, and murderers are some of the biggest heroes for White folks. Bonnie and Clyde were robbers during the 1930s (this was during the Great Depression Era). They have killed police officers and civilians but they are considered American heroes (some Black folks are fascinated by their story as well. You'll hear rappers like Jay-Z and Foxy Brown reference them in songs). On the flip side, young Black boys minding their business, just walking down the street, are gunned down by civilians and the police. These young Black boys are considered "thugs" and certain Black folks will say, "He should have taken his ass home. He had no business being out at that time of night anyway", "Where were his parents?", and my favorite, "How can we get mad at this when we kill each other all the time. Let's fix that first then we can discuss this." Even when we're not guilty, you'll have some Black folks throw out a moral smoke screen that makes no fucking sense.

The movie Hidden Colors has changed the way Black folks look at Black history. I'm talking the old heads and the young bucks. It has revived the legendary status of speakers like Shahrazad Ali, Frances Cress Welsing, and Claude Anderson to name a few. It has put brothers in our radar that we may not have been exposed to unless we watched the film like Umar Johnson, Kaba Kamene (aka Booker T. Coleman), Runoko Rashidi, etc. It has rappers like KRS-One and Nas, two legendary rappers, spitting that heat for the younger audience who just wrote them off as entertainers. Hidden Colors has given jobs, gave the legends more lecture opportunities that may have been out of the game for a while or just taking it easy. Black folks from the hood and the suburbs are on the same page as far as Black empowerment goes. Black folks who buy bootleg DVDs may buy Hidden Colors on bootleg but buy the original copy as well because it has been broken down to them on how it fucks up the economy. With all this being said, you'll have White supremacist and Black feminist bashing Hidden Colors. You'll have fake conscious dudes attack the Hidden Colors brand as well. Why? Because the creator, Tariq Nasheed, wrote books on Macking and what they like to say, "Pimping Black Women". The very first time I read the book back in the day, I never saw the word "Black women" in the book. This is another smoke screen. I've seen the word "females", "women" etc., but not a race unless it was talking about dating different races of people (this was on his podcast, not his books). This is why you'll have Black men, White men; Asian men, Hispanic men, etc. go back to their race of women and apply the principles. If a pedophile wrote a screen play, these people wouldn't boycott the movie if he was White. What Black feminist or "conscious dude" boycotted a Woody Allen movie?

I'm not saying this because I think this is something a lot of Black folks do. Hell, in my opinion, I think the people who do this moral smoke screen bullshit to Black folks are less than 10% of the Black population. The problem is they put these ten-percenters on TV and have them spit that bullshit and have the masses of Black folks believe that this is how all Black folks think. This is why the Hidden Colors project took off the way it did. Black folks aren’t worried about anything but the project itself.

Let me end it by saying this. Bill Cosby has made moral smoke screen comments in the past. When the "White Supremacist Lottery" chose him (as Tariq calls it) it was right on his front door, but he still has a lot of Black folks supporting him, not throwing up any moral smoke screen. There are Black folks who disagreed with his views still give him the benefit of the doubt because they know how the White Supremacist beast can attack you unexpectedly and you may be as guilty as a preconceived child. Sinbad was on The Breakfast Club talking about the Bill Cosby situation he said that Hollywood never like Bill Cosby because he was too powerful. Sinbad knows the game and he isn't falling for the bullshit being put out there. If Bill Cosby recovers from all this I hope he learns a valuable lesson on how the White Supremacist beast can strike anyone, anytime. –Confidence Magnet, Courtesy of UPA (February 28, 2015)

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