What do White Supremacists Really Fear?

I remember this job interview I had earlier this month. The lead interviewer initially mistook me for another ignorant coon that perhaps overstepped his boundaries by daring to show up to an interview while wearing tinted glasses (my glasses are prescription glasses, but they have a grey tint to them that is as dark as glasses can be without hindering your night vision). :-D This woman attempted to check me about them, which I ignored, and school me in the ways of the world. I ended up subtly checking her during the interview in front of everyone by playing past her and continuing to state my points to the rest of the interviewers (The lead interviewer and I had a small argument before I decided to move on past her). Doing this to her so publicly caused her to throw a hissy fit in front of her constituents but she quickly straightened herself out and got herself back together and from henceforth was on my dick heavily. B-)

Now, I only mentioned that small piece to get to my point. During the interview, all eyes were on me (just like any normal interview) except that they were astonished to meet a Black person so well-versed about the world. They spoke of me pursuing other avenues other than their particular position. The lead interviewer mentioned me becoming a politician from the way I was speaking. (Most of my interview was more geared toward the graduate degree program, Strategic Organizational Leadership, I intend to pursue rather than the position I was applying for actually.) Anyway, though, there was one particular part of my interview which actually scared them. I told them about Malcolm X and his awakening. (I did this because I was asked to name a successful leader.) I told them about how shortly before Malcolm X’s assassination he took an eye-opening trip to North Africa where he met fair-skinned people that treated him like family. Once he returned, he no longer was on his “By Any Means Necessary” tip but rather moved forward onto a strategic tip of approaching the racism being demonstrated against Blacks as colonization and making this a global issue. Once I said this everyone’s eyes looked up including the Black guy that was going to be my manager. Many people seem to be unaware of this. The White people within the interview actually seemed nervous by me saying this. The lead interviewer tried to still say that Malcolm X was still somewhat on his old tip, but I told her he had evolved.

You see once you’re awake the veil over your eyes are lifted, so you can’t be so easily tricked anymore. Furthermore, when it comes to game, it favors those in need because those in need rely on the game as a necessity. With this being stated, if you’re stronger than someone else than why should you serve them? You won’t. You’ll eventually move past them; even if you don’t move past them, you’ll simply utilize your game to control them. Awakened people within a group are like a cancer, if you operate using supremacy on those asleep; this is why slaves weren’t allowed to read during slavery because an awakened slave wouldn’t make a good slave and wouldn’t remain a slave for long.

To sum this up, White Supremacists fear awakened Blacks because an awakened Black person can overthrow their dominance and won’t allow themselves to remain a low-level individual for long.

(As for the job, they most likely chose a different candidate because it was evident to them that I wouldn’t remain there for long because laboring isn’t my thing. That’s grunt work. The awakened don’t do grunt work; they allow the sleep-walking to do it for them while reaping the rewards.)

In case anyone is wondering, I got hired onto another job for a different company doing data entry work so I won’t be laboring hard. :-D The job I got turned down for (which I was typing about in this post) involved overseeing air tanks. 8-) –TheKing_65 (July 21, 2013)

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