Accountability is the Key

Since you’re women you know (or should know) that you strength lies in your ability to be submissive to your man, so I’m not going to explain that. A question I hear a lot of women ask about to begin with is how to qualify their man before they decide to submit to him, so I’m going to briefly explain this before getting to my post. Qualifying a man should be common sense to you because you get hit on all of the time by different men but you only entertain those you fancy, so those you fancy are the ones you submit to. If you disagree then upgrade your qualifying skills so you won’t mind submitting to the men you fancy. 8-)

Now then, being accountable for your actions and not repeating the same mistakes/decisions again is one very vital way to have a smooth relationship. Doing this will cause even the most hard pressed guys to ease up on you (unless they’re abusive in which case you shouldn’t be dealing with them anyway unless you like being abused). The reason accountability is so powerful is because it really takes someone of low character to be hard on someone that admits their faults and owns up to it (considering that this isn’t a repeat offense); doing this is like destroying the weak. Most guys won’t do this. By being accountable and not deflecting your blame you’re showing your maturity. I’d recommend every woman be accountable for her actions or get used to having no room to breathe from having someone stomping down on her throat (figuratively) due to her behavior. 8-) –TheKing_65 (July 5, 2013)

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