Being Submissive versus Being a Doormat

There is a difference between being a submissive woman & a woman who is a doormat.
A woman who is a doormat is agreeable. She knows nothing about being submissive because she struggles every day to hold her tongue and she struggles with her emotions, she has no self-control and is never accountable for her actions. Always the woman saying she's at fault for messing with a man who wasn't bad until the end. A woman who is a doormat is agreeable because she doesn't know how to be submissive, she's a fraud in her own body, emotional & disrespectful (level 1 in the 7 levels of disrespect). She's a smart mouth heffer too. A woman, who is a doormat, struggles with being submissive. She doesn't know where to be effective for her man; she doesn't know how to be an asset to her man, and she becomes a liability to the relationship. When the relationship has ended, she blames it on everyone but herself; a doormat will never see herself at fault; that's why you see women blaming being submissive on the ending of a relationship. Instead of saying, "it was my fault; I fucked up and I need to fix this.", women who struggle with submission also have children who have an issue with submission. If they don't see her being submissive but instead see her constantly being a pain in the ass, then they'll act out like their mother, and have the mother wondering why her children won't listen to her. Whenever you tell a doormat to do something, she has an excuse; that's because she's used to dealing with losers and needs everything dumbed down to a second-grade level. Her cooperation level makes her annoying. You may fire this type of woman in the future because you will feel like you're fucking your daughter; that's how dumb a doormat is. You have to do all of her thinking for her like she is a child. It's not a good feeling. 

Now, a submissive woman doesn't have these issues because she shows strength & control over her emotions; she thinks logically, so she knows where she went wrong and how to fix it because a submissive woman can think for herself, not through her emotions. A submissive woman knows how to be effective & an asset to her man. She doesn't struggle with submission because she's strong; being overly emotional and jealous is for little girls. Not thinking logically is child's play. A submissive woman can admit when she's fucked up & knows how to fix her relationship. Since she is at fault she feels guilt and shame. She is respectful and never mouthy unless you're a simp. She can be instructed on what to do & she'll give 100% cooperation; if she wants to know how, she'll ask; she doesn't need instructions to be dumbed down. This type of woman is a keeper because she doesn't need to be watched. Give her something to do & she'll do it. She will get it done. You'll feel like you're actually dealing with a grown human being. A submissive woman can think for herself, LOGICALLY, & she doesn't need you to hold her hand like a baby. At the same time, she still acts like a woman, very feminine and graceful. –Stop Simping Movement (June 21, 2013)

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