Just one brother’s breakdown of this G.A.M.E.

Like a lot of you, since coming here I've found myself spending a lot of time reflecting on the game, tailor fitting it for my particular style. I remember when I first started posting I described the game as Gifted At Motivating Excellence; which is still great in my honest opinion, but I felt like it needed to better represent what I feel makes up TRUE game, far beyond just spitting at some broad. So peep...

G = Gems

This, to me, is the very foundation of game; without the gems of knowledge, how is one to know how to maneuver and make the right chess moves out here in this world full of traps and pitfalls specifically set up to ensnare Black men? How is he to know how to become a man of means if he lacks the information to do so? Who in their right mind goes to do battle without the proper weaponry? Huey P. Newton said the biggest problem in the Black community is ignorance and inertia, and that still rings true to this very day. He didn't mean it as in we were stupid and lazy, just that we lack the proper information, as well as the desire to obtain it (a byproduct of slavery). It's like Tariq talks about...so many of us will brag about how much we spent on some J's, but act like $20 for a copy of Hidden Colors is going to fuck our entire situation up. We can quote how much Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Drake, etc. are making at any given moment and love to live vicariously thru them and other celebs, but have no idea how to put together a business strategy of our own so people can quote what we're making. So in a culture where so many are blissful in their ignorance, the simple fact alone that you're a knowledgeable cat will set you apart from the frick and frack and make you stand out. It doesn't have to necessarily be from formal education, although there's nothing wrong with that...but at the end of the day knowledge is knowledge, regardless of how you come across it. It's like money, long as you're getting some.

A = Ambition

You got to have a goal. Once you reach that one, set another one, and so on and so forth. If you really want to test your limits and have the confidence to pull it off, set a few goals to work towards simultaneously. It's all about pushing yourself as far as you can go; once you start to acquire knowledge, the horizons of how far you can go begin to expand and you'll find yourself setting that proverbial bar higher and higher. They say the sky's the limit, but fuck all that; that just means they reached the sky and became satisfied, that was enough for them. Once you reach the sky, aim even higher. There IS no limit. Position yourself to be self-sufficient so your livelihood doesn't rest in the dominant society's hands, and so your seeds can learn by example and follow suit. Position yourself so that your happiness doesn't depend on the presence of any one bitch, or any bitch at all for that matter...because your purpose in life outranks all that. Ambition is another thing a lot of young Black men lack out here, too many of us are defeated and have resolved ourselves to the "product of my environment" mentality. So like the gems, possessing this trait will put you in a separate league from the average cat.

M = Motivation

We've all seen it...the brother with the "million dollar idea" who claims to have all the angles worked out, but when it's all said and done it's like Ray's Boom Boom Room, an idea is all it ever becomes. A goal without action is just a dream, and dreams are for people who are asleep. In 2015, we've become a society that looks for the quick fix in practically every aspect of our lives, with the smallest amount of effort possible required to acquire it. You even see it here on UPA, with the cats that come here thinking they're going to find that one magic line that's guaranteed to harden the nipples of every female on planet Earth. They don't have the drive to put in the necessary work to obtain the things they desire or the life they want like the people they go to for the answers had to, all they know is they want it, they want it now, and they feel they deserve it just because. The whole "lottery mentality" at its best (or worst, depending on how you look at it). Unfortunately for them, the only thing that guarantees is that they'll be stuck on stupid, spinning their wheels and remaining stagnant while life passes them by. This also applies to those who may have a particular skill or talent but concoct every excuse in the book as to why they should keep working for someone else instead of capitalizing on that skill or talent. A lot of times it has to do with fear of failure, and sometimes even fear of success; but a man that can show he fears neither will go far.

E = Excellence

Why do anything if you're going to half-ass it and not put your all into it, right? The only thing the mediocre are remembered for, is being mediocre. This is why a brother like Pac is still idolized by many even 20 years after his death and we've all but forgotten about cats like Dem Franchise Boyz, Hurricane Chris, etc. That's why no matter what it is you do, it's important to strive for it to be top-notch, otherwise there's no point. This goes back to the whole "sky's the limit" concept from earlier. Once you feel you've done the absolute best you can do, aim to do even better. That's the shit champions are made of, that's the shit the greats are remembered for. If you're not reaching for excellence then you're doomed to forever just exist in this world instead of making any meaningful impact.

There you have it; GAME = Gems, Ambition, Motivation & Excellence. A lot of dusty cats running around talking about they got game just because they can pull some females any dude could pull with ease or because they can con people out of shit, but if they don't possess these four characteristics they're just talking out the side of their neck. If you observe the respected brothers on this board for example, all four characteristics radiate from their posts. Observe the truly respected cats you know in real life and I guarantee you notice the same thing. So to you cats that’ve had trouble figuring it out use this acronym as a reference point for what to focus on if you're serious about trying to elevate your level of understanding about this here thing of ours. Even when it comes to females, if you possess the GAME in this sense it makes them a hell of a lot easier to not only catch but maintain. You don't have to take my word for it though, try it and find out for yourself. –Rinis Daddy, Courtesy of UPA (April 25, 2015)

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