Are You An Asset Or Liability?

An asset appreciates over time by going up in value. 

A liability's value plummets by going down over time.

An asset basically adds value to your life. A liability basically takes the value out of your life.

Then there's the happiness factor. Assets tend to make you happy. It has a tendency to bring a smile to your face. 

A liability does the opposite by stealing your happiness because of the realization that it’s a waste of time and energy.

You have to ask yourself: which one are you? Does your presence add value to someone else's life: real value? 

Moreover, just saying 'Well I'm a good person' is a cop out. 99% of the people out there believe they're a good person: including the one that made your life miserable! 

So singing that little ditty is absolutely useless.

Here's a hint to help you know which one you are. Assets are usually in high demand because of the value they add to your life. 

People seek them out and will pay the price to have it in their portfolio. However, they're only sought out by the mature, savvy investor.

Liabilities, on the other hand, are avoided by the savvy investors. Because liabilities are a waste of time and money. 

However, more people own liabilities than assets because they can APPEAR to be assets when you first see them. They tend to give a false sense of pleasure because they draw immediate attention from others.

Hence, why poor folks invest in things like cars, rims, music, tinted windows, new clothes, designer purses, hair weaves, tattoos, trendy jewelry, furniture. 

These things add the FEELING of value to a person’s life. However, they're actually doing the opposite: taking value away from you.

Those who lack sound financial wisdom and discipline will still go after and pursue liabilities over the assets. It's as if they are addicted to losing. 

Moreover, it bites them hard in the ass every time. –Mack Major

(You can pick up Mack Major’s books here.)

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