Metaphysics of the Game Part 2

(This is really part 1 but I shared my rendition of the post Metaphysics of the Game 1st because I began by explaining metaphysics before talking about it. My rendition was an add-on to Mack Major's original post done years prior because he never officially made a Metaphysics of the Game Part 2 when he had his blog Flip the Game.) –Derrick Mills

Sorry, I've been away for a minute. Just started a new job recently, so I haven't had time to play on the computer. I'm out here grinding with two gigs. However, I'm back with a vengeance. So let’s keep the dialogue flowing.

Get to know the real you. 

Relationships between men and women aren’t as simple as just physical biology. Biology definitely plays its part. However, there’s a level of the game that runs deeper than just the surface physical stuff; this part I call the metaphysics of the game.

Understand that you are more than just your physical body. You are really a spirit--a spirit that owns a physical body. Your body is just the means that you use to interact with the physical aspects of this world.
However, your body is not You.

You are you; the spirit part of you is the real You. This spirit part of you is what really controls your life. This is where your thoughts come from, as well as your beliefs, convictions, and feelings.

Your entire life is controlled primarily by your spiritual self. The money you make, the way you feel about yourself or your looks, the limits you place on yourself in life, the type of work you do for a living, and every aspect of your life is directed from the inside of you--from your spiritual center.

This is why it’s so important that you get a better understanding of how this part of you actually works.
This spiritual part of you, which you really are, doesn’t know any boundaries or limitations of any kind. It is all powerful, all knowing, and capable of doing anything it believes it can do.

The only limits your spiritual YOU know are the limits you place on it.

You are always in control of your spiritual self. Nobody else has the right or the power to control you--unless you agree to allow them too. Mankind wasn’t designed to be controlled or ruled over by other men. That’s why people are so unmanageable and difficult to direct.

All spiritual force is like magnetic energy. Moreover, as such, it can be affected effortlessly by the spiritual force of others near and far. This is the primary reason ghettos remain ghettos, and slums remain slums. If you take a group of spiritual beings--all possessing powerful magnetic energy--and raise them in an environment of poverty and deprivation--where that’s all they see and interact with on a daily basis--eventually what starts to happen is the people in that slummy environment use their powerful magnetic energy to pull to themselves more things and individuals that correspond to the energy of poverty they are already projecting.

Instead of using their unlimited power to lift themselves out of the state of poverty, they instead use it to keep themselves there.

The REAL cause of poverty

Poverty is simply energy, just as wealth is. Money is also and energy. However, it’s energy that proceeds from each and every man woman boy and girl.

In other words, poverty comes from within YOU; and wealth also comes from within YOU. Whichever one you get to have as your personal experience is determined solely by no one other than you.

Poverty is an energy that comes from a state of mind. It’s generated by thinking thoughts of poverty, and then believing those thoughts are the reality.

As human beings, with unlimited power, we get to create our own reality both on a corporate and individual level.
How powerfully you project your thoughts will determine what you experience in your life.
If you project ideas and beliefs of extreme poverty and lack, that is what you will experience in your life. If you project thoughts of wealth and abundance, then that’s what you’ll get.

You are always in control of your life 

That goes for any and every aspect of your life; including relating to females.

Stop Blaming God for YOUR Wrong Thinking!
Stop Blaming God for YOUR Wrong Belief Systems!

I got news for you: God does not determine who gets to be rich or poor in this world. God doesn’t decide who gets to be successful with women and who gets to be lousy. These things are determined by the thoughts and beliefs of the individual having them.

God’s not to blame! He gave you life, health, and strength. He put inside of you a force so powerful that it will bring into your life anything you’re willing to believe and work for, anything!

So what’s left for God to do? He gave you everything you need. The rest in life is up to you.
If you choose to think thoughts of poverty, you’ll most certainly get poverty in one of its many forms.
If you elect to think thoughts of abundance, you’ll most certainly attract all kinds of abundance into your circle.
If you opt to believe that selling dope is the only way to get your hustle on, you’ll attract opportunities and the pitfalls that come with being a drug dealer. Moreover, if you choose to go that route, you also attract all the negatives that come with that lifestyle: cops, stick-up kids, drug addiction, prison time, street beefs, and death.

My heart goes out to my brothers who feel trapped inside the hoods of the world. From North Philly to Johannesburg; from New York to New Delhi; there are untold millions of people of color who feel as if they were born with a dark cloud of oppressive poverty over their collective heads.

Growing up in Philadelphia as a kid, and later as I moved around the country, I watched scores of lives being lost through making bad choices or being caught up in an environment where poverty and crime were the dominant belief systems.

Wherever there’s a collective of people who share the same beliefs about life, those ideas must be manifested in those people's lives; whether they be good views or destructive ones. You get a bunch of poor thinking people together, and it won’t be long before a new ghetto is formed.

Race has nothing to do with it. Thinking does.
That’s why poverty can never be defeated from without. It has to be whipped from within.
Poverty and success are inside jobs.

Throwing free money at poor people will only serve to help keep them poor. To liberate the poor man from poverty, you first have to liberate him from his poor way of thinking, which is what’s holding him in destitution in the first place.

You have to change his mindset; change what he believes to be right about his life and what’s possible. THIS is the real work to be done.

Most poor people in the world don’t want to be poor; they just don’t know how not to be.
The fastest way out of lack and shortage is through the mind; NOT through the government or social welfare programs.

Men and women must be taught a belief in self-sufficiency. They have to break away from the paradigm of poverty that was created by those who desire to remain in power by keeping the ‘little man’ down.

The ‘little guy’ must be shown how to rise and take his place within society; not as a dependent, but as a king.
All men are born with a king inside of him. Most just don’t know it. However, if you start to speak to the king inside of him, the king in him will eventually respond and begin to rise to the occasion. I, therefore, speak to the king inside of YOU.

More to come soon. –Mack Major

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