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House Niggers and Thorough Brothers

To a lot of people house niggers and thorough brothers seem very similar, but there are distinct differences between the two.

House Niggers
House niggers are intelligent, educated, articulate, and prominent; however house niggers remain under the thumbs of white nationalists. House niggers have an alliance and friendship built between them and white nationalists. House niggers lack the guts, cunning, and ruthlessness to sever their alliance with white nationalists which ultimately leads to them losing respect from fellow black people (that aren’t house niggers and nigger bed-wenches) around them. House niggers hold on to a false sense of righteousness to their alliance and friendship to white nationalists despite how bad it makes them look.

Thorough Brothers
Thorough brothers are intelligent, educated, articulate, and prominent (just like house niggers). Thorough brothers build alliances to those beneficial to them, keeping in mind that this is an alliance, not a friendship, so when the u…

Open Warfare on Melanoid People within Chicago

Are Cops In Chicago Behind Many Of The Shootings That Are Blamed On Gang Violence?
This past Memorial Day weekend, many mainstream media outlets reported that 56 people were shot and a dozen died in Chicago. No arrests have been made, reports say.

For years there have been rumors and speculation about many of the killings that have occurred in Chicago. Many people in the Melanoid community suspect that police officers are really the ones behind some of these shootings. Chicago has become to go-to deflection talking point for white supremacists (and white supremacist supporters) who use the alleged “Black on Black” violence in Chicago to justify the violence and mistreatment of Melanoid people around the country.

So when we see these recurring reports coming out of Chicago every holiday weekend reporting that a certain “record” number of people were killed or shot over a three day period, and no arrests were made, this raises many red flags with some in the community.

It’s not a stretc…

Truth of How Slavery Started The Black Slave Trade and Racism Dr. Claud Anderson

You can view more videos from his/her channel here. These are the books Dr. Claude Anderson mentions within his lecture, Dirty Little Secrets About Black History: Its Heroes & OtherTroublemaker, PowerNomics : TheNational Plan to Empower Black America, MoreDirty Little Secrets About Black History Its Heroes and Other TroublemakersVolume 2, and Black Labor, WhiteWealth : The Search for Power and Economic Justice.

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Token Whites

A lot of people within this country today are token White. What I mean by token White is that if you were to go back 110 years ago or 200 years ago, a lot of people labeled as White wouldn’t be considered White. For example, Irishmen weren’t considered White when they began arriving around 1820. Due to this, they took to a life of crime similar to what you see in the film Gangs of New York. Slowly, over time America began to accept Irishmen as traditional Americans, allowing Irish people to soak up the benefits of White privilege. Next, came the Jewish people and the Italians. 110 years ago they weren’t considered to be White and were disenfranchised here and treated like 2nd class citizens, Melanoid people were treated like 3rd class citizens, and still are. Italians and Jews banded together and formed gangs and evolved into the Mafia. Eventually, these immigrants too were allowed to assimilate within
the dominant society. Now, the latest group of immigrants to be disenfranchised are…


You can view more videos from her channel here. You can add her on Facebook here. You can add her on Twitter here. You can follow her on Tumblr here.

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White people are pretending to be black online in order to win arguments on race

In a wonderful essay by Lauren Jackson on how some of the internet’s most popular memes are saddled with intrinsic racism, Jackson describes something called “digital blackface,” in which a white person dons the persona of a black person online, even attempting to adopt stereotypical “black” vernacular:

Many have used the phrase “digital blackface” to describe the odd and all-too-prevalent practice of white and non-Black people making anonymous claims to a Black identity through contemporary technological mediums such as social media. It often involves masquerading behind the Black face of a fictional profile picture. These attempts, while hilariously transparent, take advantage of the relative anonymity of the internet to perpetuate decontextualized stereotypes and project an image of Black people that fits the desire of anti-Black individuals.

It goes undocumented and unaddressed in most cases, though occasionally the people behind the blackface are unmasked. When musician, alleged fe…

The Inner Workings of the Missionary Racket

Check out this video from 42 minutes 50 seconds to 54 minutes 25 seconds.

You can check out his Ustream on Sundays at 10pm Eastern Standard Time, 7pm Pacific Standard Time. You can check out more of Tariq’s material here.

By the way, I uploaded the video from The Last Negro’s channel.

Also, here's the missionary that the gentleman is talking about.

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Byron Allen Calls Obama a ‘White President in Black Face’

You can view more videos from this channel here.

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War Chest

This is the REAL reason (along with the fact that we live in a system of white supremacy) ‪#‎JudgeODonnell‬ made an acquittal in the ‪#‎BreloVerdict. He was supported by police unions. Those police unions use their MONEY to endorse judges and mayors and other politicians around the country. So many race soldiers HIDING behind the police badges can kill Black people with impunity because politicians are in their back pockets. It's time for Melanoid people to use THEIR money to endorse politicians and judges to do our biddings as Melanoid people (not as "minorities"). ‪#‎MelanoidPower‬ -Tariq Nasheed (May 24, 2015)

(Check out this video from 1 minute to 12 minutes and 15 seconds.)

(You can check out his Ustream on Sundays at 10pm Eastern Standard Time, 7pm Pacific Standard Time. You can check out more of Tariq’s material here.
By the way, I uploaded the video from The Last Negro’s channel.)
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FBI’s warning of white supremacists infiltrating law enforcement nearly forgotten

Because of intensifying civil strife over the recent killings of unarmed black men and boys, many Americans are wondering, “What’s wrong with our police?” Remarkably, one of the most compelling but unexplored explanations may rest with a FBI warning of October 2006, which reported that “White supremacist infiltration of law enforcement” represented a significant national threat.

Several key events preceded the report. A federal court found that members of a Los Angeles sheriff’s department formed a Neo Nazi gang and habitually terrorized the black community. Later, the Chicago police department fired Jon Burge, a detective with reputed ties to the Ku Klux Klan, after discovering he tortured over 100 black male suspects. Thereafter, the Mayor of Cleveland discovered that many of the city police locker rooms were infested with “White Power” graffiti. Years later, a Texas sheriff department discovered that two of its deputies were recruiters for the Klan.

In near prophetic fashion, after t…

Preparation for a Massacre

In this article it talks about a Melanoid man, with a clean record, attempting to obtain a license to carry and conceal his firearm. I have seen other articles were store-owners refused to sell guns to Melanoid people. In the aforementioned article it also talks about how Caucasian individuals with less than stellar records have been allowed to receive concealed carry licenses. Furthermore, stores that have refused, within the past, to sell guns to Melanese people still sold guns to Caucasians. This should outline something to Melanoid people. The dominant society is preparing to massacre us without us even having a fighting chance. Black people have a bad tendency of not piecing together puzzles before they are finished; in other words, being reactive as opposed to being proactive.
Now, being that it should be pretty obvious that there is a bigger plan at work here, the obvious course of action for this individual and other individuals should be obvious as well.

(If you enjoyed this po…

Melanoid People Living in America Aren’t Considered to be Americans

Whenever something happens within the Melanoid community, you’ll hear something like, “it’s the culture,” “the problem with Black people is this,” “criminology”, or “Black on Black crime.” However, whenever something within the dominant society happens, you’ll hear something like, “America has this,” “poverty in America,” “crime in America”, or “terrorism befalling America.” Putting two and two together, you can easily see the separation between Black and America. Our issues are specific to us while the dominant society’s issues are all-encompassing to everyone in America. What this clearly must mean is that Melanoid people residing within America are not considered to be Americans. This is why we receive a different brand of justice which is “just us”, so any Melanese people that feel a sense of loyalty to the United States can forget it because that flag does not encompass us.

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High-paid Coons

Nowadays, a lot of celebrities are just high-paid coons. If you go back to the 1960s, a lot of Melanese media figures were not afraid of speaking out against the racial discrimination they were facing. Nowadays, the media figures are cowed, and the only time they speak out is to speak against Melanese people and how they are not being docile. I previously stated that there is a lot of money in cooning and these media figures further reinforce that. They come off as nonthreatening and very docile. However, these same media figures also alienate themselves from the Melanese community, and once they arrive at the top, White supremacists kick the chair from underneath their feet, causing them to fall right back down to the ground face first with no one to catch them. We have seen this over and over again from Jackie Robinson to Bill Cosby. Modern day high-paid coons should observe the trend so as not to become another pawn. When these high-paid coons are given the camera, the least they c…

New-Age-Slavery Part 2

Melanoid men right now are experiencing a job freeze throughout the country while Melanoid women are being relegated to bedwench and/or nigger spokesperson status. Right now, Melanoid men are being overlooked for “professional” jobs that they are qualified for and, by majority, being relegated to line-level positions. This is what years of being taught, “Go to school and get a good job” has left us with. This is why it is so imperative to attain assets and then hold onto them so you can pass down something tangible (a legacy) to your descendants. Since, Melanoid people, in large numbers, haven’t done this, we’ve left ourselves open to being relegated to prison labor (new-age-slavery). This is why Melanoid people have to subscribe to Legacy--Solidifying The Group Economics Plan. The fact that Melanoid people don’t have an economy leaves us susceptible to the treatment of other communities. This is why so many Black people are turning to cooning; they’re doing it as a means of survival.…

Black Folks Make White Supremacists Feel Inferior

White Supremacists suffer from an Inferiority complex. When I explain this, White Supremacist's tactics and the mindset will make perfect sense. I'm not talking about all White people, because you have White folks who could be around a lot of Black folks and feel like he is not an ounce inferior or superior.

Let's look at history through the eyes of White folks for example. Before the 1950s, maybe a little earlier or later, White folks were on top of the world, socially speaking. They dominated sports, music, and many other things. Then something happened, Black folks started being introduced to them in the media via TV. Now, they see Black people every day (well, a media-version of Black folks). At one time, there was nothing but White people in professional sports, then there were a sprinkle of Black folks, and now, you have all the superstars who are Black. All the endorsements go to majority Black Athletes. These endorsements aren't minor either. I'm talking maj…

Why Blacks Stopped Caring about Appearing Respectable to the Dominant Society

(The below posts go more in-depth on something I touched on in a previous post.)

How Blacks Stopped Caring about Respectability and Acceptability

One of the more peculiar, if often ignored, features of recent popular protests that have followed many of the seemingly routine extrajudicial executions of black men by cops and white vigilantes in the USA has been the profile of those killed. To put it another way, the majority of black protesters are no longer restrained by CONservative and LIEbral whites talking about the so-called “criminal histories” of those that were murdered. While some white readers of this post might believe that this was always the norm- even a little honest historical research will clearly show otherwise.

What changed? Why have so many blacks (especially those born after 1980) stopped caring about appearing respectable and acceptable to whites? Why haven’t the supposed “criminal histories” and “public personas” of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir R…

How to Be a 'Reverse-Racist': An Actual Step-by-Step List for Oppressing White People

White people who are confronted with their white privilege and the white supremacist acts they perpetuate have been known to cry, "You're being a reverse-racist!" That is completely true: people of color have the power and control to create, perpetuate, and maintain brutal systematic reverse-racism that oppresses white people every day. As such, we have created this handy list on how to continue this oppression.

1. Enslave their bodies.

Ship them from Germany, Sweden, and other exotic countries. Force them to build entire cities, roads, bridges. Force them to plant and harvest all the food everyone eats. Let an entire economic system be built on their backs, with their blood and sweat. Later, deny them access to the system they have been used to build, and accuse them of being extremely lazy.

2. Steal their land.

If they were here before you, steal their land. This is essential. Basically, just go in there and take it. If you have to kill some of them to get it, no worries. …

White Supremacy Month is here

Since during this month White supremacists become riled up, I’ll be posting extensively about race this entire month.

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