Thanks to the Mafia

Although the Mafia was only concerned with their own self-interests, a lot of Italians owe them, to a certain extent, a debt of gratitude. Yeah, I know that the Mafia did extort their own, however the Mafia also happened to be the people that put into place the Italian politicians, Italian judges, and Italian police chiefs. The one responsible for creating these changes happened to be the gangster, Frank Costello. In the late 30s, 40s, and mid-50s, Frank Costello was the boss of bosses and he decided that he wanted to restructure all of these avenues, so that the people would look like him. By him, and other Mafiosi, joining together to make these restructures, they paved the way for younger Italians to have a better way of living.
The reason that America had to withstand the birth of the American Mafia is largely due to the fact that the first-generation Italians and Jewish people were disenfranchised, just like Melanoid people currently are today. Due to America treating these immigrants like second-class citizens, Melanoid people were, and still are, treated like third-class citizens, they had to work long hours for very little pay and scrape to get by. Due to this, their children got to see firsthand that America was not the promise land that they had envisioned it to be. They got to see that America was very prejudice and racist against those that were not considered to be White, at this time Italians and Jews were not considered to be White. Due to this, a collection of the first-generation immigrants’ kids decided that they were not going to be like their parents, but instead were going to achieve their American dream by their own means; this led to Italian and Jewish gangs. These young ruffians grew up and went from being hoodlums to gangsters. They became very organized and used their money and their guns to achieve their American dream. Furthermore, as they became wealthy and powerful in the underworld, they also solidified their power in general society by buying politicians, paying off police chiefs, and bribing judges. They even had laws changed to their benefit. However, Frank Costello eventually decided that he wanted to just restructure all of these areas so that there would be Italians within these positions. Once he did this, he laid the foundation for later generations to come up without having to result to crime because naturally Italians would be interested in seeing other Italians thrive. 
A lot of Melanoid people would do well to take a look at history and how policies have come into place and how people have come into positions of power.

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