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Thoroughbred Status

I touched upon this briefly in my previous post Karma is a Motherfucker; this is Thoroughbred Status. To reach thoroughbred status you have to see and/or experience things that numb your emotions to a certain extent. Doing this will allow you to see women as they really are, rather than a romanticized version. Seeing women as they really are, allows you to interact with them as normal human beings rather than as mythical beings. This is a problem that a lot of guys have. No one is all good; we all have bad traits; understanding this allows us not to view women as white or black, but rather gray.
Now, notice that I used the word “understand." Understanding is the strongest aspect of an aspiring player/mack. Some guys think that being completely unfeeling for women will make your game strong; these guys do not know what they are talking about. In order to strategize and use someone to your benefit, you must first understand that person. If you do not understand your target, then you…

Tariq Nasheed: No Shame In Your Game

(This is one of my favorite podcasts from Tariq. I got this video from TheMaybach84 channel.
You can listen to all of Tariq’s Mack Lessons Radio shows here. You can also checkout his other sites here.)

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Make America White Again (Make America Great Again)

Due to the popularity of Trump’s campaign, it has emboldened White supremacists to openly display their vitriolic views against Melanese people. This has led to the Chattanoogan candidate Rick Tyler publicly stating “Make America White Again.” Now, the article quotes him in stating: Tyler insisted that he had no hatred in his heart for "people of color." This is why I never acknowledge a person’s intentions. People can do you greasy while assuring you that their heart was in the right place. However, the question then becomes how do you know? The answer is you don’t. This is why it’s paramount to judge people by their actions. We’re unlikely to know what’s in a person’s heart. However, we can clearly comprehend the fallout from a person’s actions.
Now, with Tyler’s run for congressman of the 3rd district he’s breaking code and clearly stating what every non-delusional Black person already knows. “Make America Great Again” means “Make America White Again.” Melanese people are …

Karma is a Motherfucker

Alright, I am going to share a few stories with you and even get somewhat biblical. I am going to talk about the law of reciprocity, i.e. you reap what you sow. I am going to share three different stories with you, each involving karma. All of the stories will involve different women from my school.
Now then, the first story involves a woman that happened to be partnered with me in a group. Me and this woman did not get along and argued constantly. Eventually, this woman had an issue and required assistance from someone. She reached out to me because I tend to be very knowledgeable about things. I debated with myself about helping her before deciding to help her. The real reason why I decided to help her was because I thought it could prevent bigger future issues. Now then, right after that class, her life hit a hardship and she had to drop.
For my second story I am going to talk about a situation involving a woman that I would say subscribes to the whole “strong black woman, SBW” sloga…

Your Life is Better than Hers

Sundays are a good day for revelations. It’s a day of rest, a day of not having to think about the daily grind.

One minute you’re outside enjoying the sun and washing the car, not thinking about a thing, and then an idea that may have been deep inside you emerges and makes you smile.

I realized that looking back at all the women who “wronged” me, i.e. ex-girlfriends, unrequited loves, etc., that there is one simple sentence to summarize how things have turned out, after all the pain and heartache:


Yup, that’s right. What do I mean?

Here’s an example, first unrequited love. She chose an asshole guy over me. Fine, that’s her right. Asshole’s best friend rapes her; her man treats her like dog shit, and she ends up marrying some Satanist heavy metal guitarist that she now supports working as a waitress in a dingy restaurant in a very ugly part of the suburbs.

First ex-girlfriend. Moved to Vancouver without telling me, ended up knocked up by a guy that split. Now, …

Never Forsake Yourself for Others

I decided to make this post because oftentimes I hear people--mostly women that go to school with me--that want to do something nonprofit related once they finish with all of their schooling. Now, this would not be an issue, except for the fact that I am a business major, so nonprofit is the exact opposite of business since
business is all about making money. (By the way, I am aware of philanthropy, but for the sake of this post I am not talking in regards to philanthropy.) Now, whenever I hear these women tell me that they want to start a nonprofit organization, I lose a little respect for them. I lose respect for them because it does not make any sense to go through the rigors of secondary schooling and spend the money necessary for secondary schooling just to go and make an impoverished living. I know that their reasoning is that they want to help the community and children at-risk, but what I do not understand is why do they not try to help the children and families in need while …

Mack Standards

Having standards in the game is a revolving door to creating value within yourself. Most of the time when you hear the term STANDARDS within the game it’s with an outwardly emphasis. The standard requirements a jazzy bitch must meet in order to kick it with you or be on your team. What she must bring to the table. That's not what I want to chop up today because that Standard of thinking is weak and almost feminine in nature; that blame game women play, attaching issues to any other entity other than self. That weak, you go first mentality, the youth have, but I digress.

Today I want to elevate and chop up The Standard as a masculine mentality. Before we get into that, let's cover two quick things:

What is a standard etymology for masculine mentality, and what's the standard definition for STANDARD.

Masculine mentality is basically "I go first." Or "I own (for my Taurus brethren)" Players and Alpha's- "I go first. I eat first. Bitch you think of me…

Soaking up Game

A big part of the game is soaking things in, which takes time. Thinking and looking at your experiences before you go about asking more questions is good practice when you're confused, and it’s also the fastest and best way to get educated not just in the game, but life in general. Instead of focusing on the game, focus on something you're familiar with: for example basketball. You can't be a good basketball player without playing basketball: you can watch MJ and Kobe clips, you can shoot around in your backyard, but if you're not playing 5 on 5 and not facing others you're not going to understand how to play the game.

For example, let’s say you want to become a shooter like Ray Allen. You ask, "How can I make jump shots like Ray Allen?", um practice, practice, and practice! Can you be Ray Allen in your head, can you be a 3-point assassin in your imagination, of course, but if you want results you're going to have to do it against other people. Not onl…


Everybody wants it. Few will admit it. However, we all need it. I've been studying the nature of power lately. There are several ways to have access to it in this world, and by power, I mean the ability to influence many people's lives and enrich yourself in the process. Here's what I found:

- Network your way into the circles of power, where the movers and shakers are.

You have to be super ambitious to pull this off; Barack did it, so did Colin Powell, and Hillary Clinton. Definitely not for the faint of heart or the squeamish. Think 'Olivia Pope' from the TV show Scandal.

- Become a power broker also known as a middle man.

These are your politicians, economic assassins, and international bankers. People that have worked their way into positions where they control lots of money, have access to the powerful, and have access to other assets needed by corporations, governments, and big business interests.

- Build your own platform.

This is what Oprah did as well as folks l…