Your Life is Better than Hers

Sundays are a good day for revelations. It’s a day of rest, a day of not having to think about the daily grind.

One minute you’re outside enjoying the sun and washing the car, not thinking about a thing, and then an idea that may have been deep inside you emerges and makes you smile.

I realized that looking back at all the women who “wronged” me, i.e. ex-girlfriends, unrequited loves, etc., that there is one simple sentence to summarize how things have turned out, after all the pain and heartache:


Yup, that’s right. What do I mean?

Here’s an example, first unrequited love. She chose an asshole guy over me. Fine, that’s her right. Asshole’s best friend rapes her; her man treats her like dog shit, and she ends up marrying some Satanist heavy metal guitarist that she now supports working as a waitress in a dingy restaurant in a very ugly part of the suburbs.

First ex-girlfriend. Moved to Vancouver without telling me, ended up knocked up by a guy that split. Now, a single mom waitressing for dollars and struggling to find a meal ticket that isn’t white trash or a married guy that just wants to fuck.

It isn’t intentional, but somehow I hear past stories about almost every one of the women that were in my life and 100% of them all ended up with shitty lives that suck.

So, how is my life better? Manager at a Fortune 500 company, next step up is a Vice President/Director position, not only debt free but high net worth in the positive of liquid assets; I buy all the toys I want and never wonder whether I can afford something. I went into a jean store and looked at some $300 jeans and thought they were OK while a friend of mine balked at the price; I said, “I could, but I won’t because, funny
enough, I found a pair of $30 jeans I liked better, but if I loved them I would have bought them without batting an eye. I'm single, unattached, and I have over a month of vacation time left for this year and I plan on traveling. Where? Anywhere the fuck I want.

Recently, I had coffee with a girl that I gave every chance to be with me, now, she’s stuck with a guy that’s unemployed and leeching off his parents'; they bought a house, heavily with parents help, and now she’s stuck. You should have seen the look on her face when she asked why I don’t want to buy a house. I told her I’d like to travel. "Where?" she asked, and I told her, "I’m thinking of doing what a doctor friend of mine does, he called a travel agency on a Friday afternoon and said, "what’s a cheap flight out of town for the weekend", and just took it, wherever it went." The look of wishing that she could do that on her face was priceless.

So, I’m young, healthy, gainfully employed, net worth positive, have lots of toys, don’t worry about the cost of things, only the value, have no sticky attachments, be it a dead end job, crippling mortgage on a house whose value will CRATER over the next few years, and I’m not in a stagnant relationship; in short, my life is better than hers.

So, what does it mean to my fellow brethren here?

1. Look back on the women in your life, provided you are intelligent and fairly responsible, aka very (INTJ), introversion, intuition, thinking, and judgment; I have no doubt that many of you are in a similar position. Let it sink in that THEY were the ones that blew it, and you are now in a much better position. YOUR life is better than theirs.

2. This is the reframe going forward, any woman you meet, you now KNOW without a doubt that, WITH YOU, her life is INFINITY times better, without you, her life will SUCK; this will give you strength and confidence that will come through in your interactions with her. I know some of you hate women and want to stay virgins/celibate for life, but I love sex and I like getting ass, it makes me happy, and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

Simply put, you being in her life is a BLESSING. Her wronging you in any way is her own self-inflicted CURSE, and if she does wrong you, then let the punishment fit the crime. Her life will absolutely SUCK without you. –Peregrinus, Courtesy of Natural Freedom (September 2, 2011)

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