Game Vision: Looking Deeper Than the Surface

As you're embarking on your macking journey, there are a few things you would do well to always keep foremost in your mind. One is that things are not always what they appear to be on the surface. As macks and players, you have to develop the habit and the skill of looking beyond the appearance of things.

For example, you see a girl up in the club; she's dressed in something skin tight, hoochified, and extremely revealing. On the surface, the average guy will think she's easy pussy; after all, she's a walking advertisement for sex, but you're not supposed to think like the average guy. You're on a journey towards kingship and that takes a different way of seeing things. This is where those game eyes come in handy. Game eyes are like X-ray vision. They can see around corners, behind walls, and even into the hearts and minds of people. It’s a god-like power that enables you to see what others can't, and it gives you an instant advantage over the uninitiated.

Getting back to our example, most guys only see the scantily clad female, but the person seeing with his game vision knows better. He sees the true intent of the young lady when she put those revealing clothes on. He knows her intent is not to have sex with any guy she meets in the club that night. Her ultimate intent was to be recognized and acknowledged, nothing less and nothing more. Therefore, he won't waste his time coming at her hoping to get an easy lay. A real Mack knows this young lady is dying inside; dying to be noticed and dying to feel important because in her world she's basically invisible, that is until she rolls up in the club damn near naked. Suddenly, she matters; guys that ordinarily wouldn't pay her any attention are now paying her all the attention in the world and to her, it feels great.

She wouldn't dare risk losing this newfound power by actually giving up the goods. She dangles the hope and the prospect of having sex with her out there like a carrot in front of a horse, and the ordinary, average thirsty dudes fall for it every time.

There have been times when, because I was up on game and using my game vision, I was able to be that dude who did end up with the digits and ultimately smashing the female all the thirsty dudes were after; I simply came at her from an entirely different angle, taking into account what her true intentions were, and I was able to manipulate that in my own favor.

Use your game vision people. Never leave home without it. Use it not only on the campaign trail, but use it at your job as well. Use it when conducting business deals or negotiating a salary increase. You can even use it to get yourself out of a ticket sometimes. I got pulled over one time years ago while riding dirty than a mofo, didn't have my license on me, no insurance, and, to make matters worse, the steering column on my whip was all jacked up, so it looked like I was riding in a hot box (stolen car). A cop got behind me and pulled me over. His whole demeanor as he approached my car was that he expected me to be on the defensive, belligerent even, so I put on my game vision. I was able to disarm him mentally by seeing what type of vibe he was about to approach me with. Instead of asking why he pulled me over, I was cordial and even in a laughing, joking mood, never mind the fact that I was nervous as hell, and my little brother riding beside me smelled like fresh liquor. I simply didn't let my nervousness show because I couldn't afford to. By the time he ran my info and came back to the car, I had built up enough of a rapport with him that he let me go with a warning, something he was NOT supposed to even do.

This game of ours is deeper than just pulling females. It works in every area of life.

I don't want to flow long on this one, so I'm going to keep it simple. Put on your thinking caps and look deeper than how things look on the surface. Sometimes you miss out on golden opportunities because you're stuck in a way of thinking that limits your possibilities; you can't see beyond the surface and beyond the appearance of things, and it’s holding you back. Become a student of the game, make it the rule of life you live by, don't play with it, and treat it as seriously as you would a loaded gun or a nuclear weapon. Study human nature, study body language, and learn to use the potent weapons you've been blessed with through sites like this one, and books like The Art of Mackin' and The Elite Way.

The more you learn to see the world through the eyes of your game vision, the closer you’ll get towards absolute mastery of your craft, and that's when the world truly becomes your oyster. –Mack Major (March 30, 2013) (UPA)

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