We All Come From a Woman, but We’re also all Created From A Man

My inspiration for making this post is the over-emphasis on the fact that every human being comes from a woman. Women use this fact in an attempt to subdue men into submitting to their will. Therefore, I’m making this post to be a rebuttal for men to use. Now, we all know that we came from a woman, so this is common knowledge. However, what also should be common knowledge is that we’re all created from a man. Now, let me explain. The sperm that we hold is the seed of life. Once our sperm enters a woman’s egg, it has the potential to create a male or female. The woman’s body nurtures our seed, but our sperm is the seed of life. Therefore, although we all come from a woman, we’re all created from a man. So, next time a woman tells you that you came from a woman—in her attempt to subdue you—acknowledge this fact. However, inform her that you were created by a man, though, and so was she. If she needs an explanation, then you can explain this post. If she still tries to argue, then you can ignore her completely because she’s brain-dead, in denial, argumentative, delusional, and a lost cause.

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