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The Black Man Represents Power and Authority

Your subconscious mind can tell a story about you that you didn't mean to tell. The lie people want you to believe is the Black man is in a childish state. He can't control his emotions, so he's somewhat feminine; he can't "get it together". Don't believe the bullshit; in reality, the Black man is considered an authority figure and a very powerful man. Before I continue, you must eliminate dusty dudes, sissies, and "I want a White daddy" type of dudes.

Growing up as a kid, you have been bombarded with images and sounds of Black men being very powerful and authoritative. Watching TV, kids of all races are bombarded with Black men as the superstars in sports, the coolest motherfucker in music, and the dude with the strong voice in movies and commercials. James Earl Jones played two powerful kings, King Jaffe Joffer in Coming to America and Mufasa in The Lion King. Another thing that people don't pick up on is the Image of God. Who is known for …

Ever notice how White Supremacist Elite use the same tactics of control?

Ever notice how White Supremacist Elitist, that run things, use the same tactics to control and destroy Melanoid Americans?
I will explain these tactics below, but before I do, I must share a quote my history teacher taught me, “History doesn’t repeat History, People repeat History!”

1) Civil Rights Act.
The Civil Rights Act was an example of White Supremacist Politicians passing bills that don’t really help us at all, BUT Melanoid People fell for it. Notice the results after the Civil Rights Act was passed. What progress was gained? We actually regressed. Dr. King was killed after it was passed. The Black Panthers took place after it passed. Again, Civil Rights Act was a Jedi-mind-trick, and Melanoid People fall for this every time.

2) Police Military over Melanoid People aka Martial Law.
After Dr. King, who was a Boulé back then, after all, and the Political White Supremacist pushed the Calming Pill down our throat, known as Civil Rights Act, the police agencies were going into a frenzy …

Black Players: The Secret World Of Black Pimps by Richard and Christina Milner Review by The Rawness

This book is one I read a while back, when it was still out of print. I had to buy it used via the Internet, and a small, ratty, chewed-up, faded, yellow, torn copy of it ran me $50, and you know what; I still consider it one of the best bargains I've ever gotten, even though I finished it in a single night, mostly because it was so good I couldn’t help reading it in one sitting. The premise of this book is truly insane.
Richard and Christina Milner were husband and wife, and both were students in the graduate program for Anthropology at UC Berkeley. For their doctoral dissertation, they wanted to do something different than the usual. At the time it was all about going to “exotic” locales like New Guinea, East Africa, Southeast Asia, and etc.; they decided that there was no need to travel so far when the ghetto areas of America’s cities had such a rich, fascinating culture that was just as foreign to a White academic as any of the other distant cultures anthropologists typically g…

Mirroring the Code

This is a philosophy that I adopted from someone else years ago, “Never side with another group against your own.”. As a matter of fact, a variation of this quote is used in the film The Godfather. Michael Corleone says this to Fredo when Fredo defends Moe Greene for smacking him. This is something that the dominant society does when it comes to us; they never side against their own on behalf of us. If one of their own wrongs us then they go silent, deflect or play dumb, and wander off into another direction; if one of ours wrongs theirs, then they go on the attack. Due to this, I suggest that Melanoid people mirror this code; if one of ours wrongs theirs then go silent, play dumb, or deflect; if one of theirs harms ours then go on the attack. The fact that we are in the midst of a war means that there is no room for fairness or room to be unbiased; we simply have to pick a side and get coded.

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Undercover Agents at Work

I recall once when I was listening to Tariq’s Ustream where he had a caller, we’ll call her Tamara, called in about a faux-pro-Black coworker. At work, the woman, we’ll call her Jessica, would be loud and boisterous about inequality and White supremacy; this caused Tamara to eventually attempt to pull Jessica’s coattail and let her know that, although she agrees with what Jessica is saying, Jessica is risking jeopardizing her job by speaking the way she is speaking. The moment that Jessica heard this she immediately, behind Tamara’s back, went to their boss, we’ll call their boss Sara, to let Sara know about the conversation they had; Sara in turn pulled Tamara aside to inquire had she really said what she was informed of; Tamara decided to be honest and own up to it, since she really couldn’t lie about it anyway; Tamara did elaborate on why she had agreed with Jessica by citing indisputable facts that would align with Sara possibly being a closet-White supremacist, and Sara attempted…

Dr. Phil Valentine Rebukes the "Homosexual" Agenda & Endorses the Straight Black Pride Movement

You can find more videos from this channel here. Also, you can pick up the Wounded Womb here. Finally, you can follow them on Facebook here.
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Handle Your Business First

As a man, one of the keys is that we ‘handle our business’ first and foremost. This starts with holding yourself accountable for your current state. We hear about accountability so much that it has almost become a sort of buzzword, seemingly without any real meaning, but it actually has a vast amount of power.  The premise behind accountability is that YOU have enough power over your actions that you are able to largely determine your lot in life. We, as individuals, may not be the ones who caused our current circumstance in life, but to take an accountable approach is to believe that you don’t have to remain in your present circumstances and can improve your lot in life by hard work and careful considerations. For example, you may not be where you desire to be financially. You can have two approaches. You can sit around and make excuses for yourself and never create any plan to improve yourself, and ultimately remain in your same position or be worse off, or you can accept that you a…

Modern Day Slaves

A lot of Black people have completely given up and have devolved into savages; others have become straight-up modern day slaves, cooning at levels over 9,000 (pun intended).

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The passivity that Black people are showing nowadays is akin to that of the 1940s and before. One of the leading candidates in leading this passivity is the church house. People are forgiving things they have no business forgiving. All of this is being
done in the name of being a good God-fearing person. Now, I haven’t read the Bible beyond what was required for my assignments in graduate school, but what I took from my readings were words of wisdom that equate to attaining dominion over this world. However, going beyond that, another reason for this faux sense of morality stems from Black people’s fear of going to Hell. This picture of Hell that a lot of Black
people have painted is a picture involving fire, demons, and torture, however, what this basically boils d…

Is Self-Righteousness Plaguing Black Society?

If there’s ever been a time in our history when the tension has been at its highest, then it could be now.

In the midst of our shortcomings, oppression, and our attempts to dig ourselves from hundreds of years of it all, Black Society as a collective might possibly be up against yet a new thorn in our sides, self-righteousness.

We’ve seen it time and time again. In spite of our humanity, we as Melanoid people are expecting each other to reach some sort of “moral high ground” that we’ve yet to verify even exists. Granted, this isn’t stated to give the green light to counterproductive and ratchet behavior, but rather to highlight the recent wave of finger pointing that has run rampant throughout Black Society.

Sadly enough, we’ve disrespected each other to a level that’s nauseating. If a notable Brother or Sister in Black Society doesn’t necessarily live up to everything that we as individuals prefer them to be, then we are ready to dismiss them with yesterday’s garbage. For example, if a …

5 Black-Owned Companies You’ve Never Heard Of That Make $500 Million Or More A Year

By: Editorial Staff (August 18, 2015)

AFRICANGLOBE – There are more than 2 million businesses in the United States that are owned by African Americans, but most are small operations with very few employees. However, there are many Black-owned businesses that employ hundreds or thousands of people, and generate annual revenues of $100 million or more – some even generate billions.

Here are 5 of them that you probably never heard of:

#1 – World Wide Technology Inc: Based in Maryland Heights, Missouri, this is a global IT company that serves the technology needs of large public and private organizations. Founded by David L. Steward, this company has long been the largest Black-owned business and has grown to more than $6.7 billion in annual revenue with more than 3,000 employees. Even more, they have more than 2 million square feet of warehousing, distribution and integration space. And yes, they are Black-owned!

#2 – ACT-1 Group: Based in Torrance, California, this company provides staffing…

The Black Authority talks about the gentrification and recreation of Detroit, Michigan

Watch 1:00-14:05. You can view all of The Black Authority’s videos here. Also, you can purchase his movie “7am” here.

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