Is Self-Righteousness Plaguing Black Society?

If there’s ever been a time in our history when the tension has been at its highest, then it could be now.

In the midst of our shortcomings, oppression, and our attempts to dig ourselves from hundreds of years of it all, Black Society as a collective might possibly be up against yet a new thorn in our sides, self-righteousness.

We’ve seen it time and time again. In spite of our humanity, we as Melanoid people are expecting each other to reach some sort of “moral high ground” that we’ve yet to verify even exists. Granted, this isn’t stated to give the green light to counterproductive and ratchet behavior, but rather to highlight the recent wave of finger pointing that has run rampant throughout Black Society.

Sadly enough, we’ve disrespected each other to a level that’s nauseating. If a notable Brother or Sister in Black Society doesn’t necessarily live up to everything that we as individuals prefer them to be, then we are ready to dismiss them with yesterday’s garbage. For example, if a Sister in Black Society doesn’t have a natural hairstyle, yet she opens a business that will employ several dozen Melanoid people in her local community, then some of us (not all) choose to focus on the texture of her hair. In another example, if a Brother in Black Society is known for owning an extensive collection of high-priced sneakers, yet he is legitimately training young Melanoid men in his community in a profitable trade, some (not all) of his peers in Black Society would forget all about his uplifting efforts, and wouldn’t be able to get past the Brother’s choice of footwear.

The general consensus among all racial backgrounds in this country over the past decade-plus is that former president George W. Bush’s term was less-than-favorable to state the least. In spite of this fact, we’d still be hard-pressed to barely count on two hands the number of individuals in the dominant society who would go above and beyond their call of whiteness to thoroughly slander and destroy Bush’s political legacy, or his character as an individual, for that matter. What does this tell us about some of the oft-maligned public figures in Black Society who have dedicated a large proportion of their lives to working on behalf of their fellow Melanoid people, yet their honorable-and much needed- contributions seemed to have gone in vain because of our refusal to look past certain human faults that could’ve typically been easily dismissed?

Of course, no one is above being reprimanded when committing acts of wrongdoing, and this includes Melanoid people. However, unless a Melanoid person goes out of their way to “ask for their escape” from Black Society, then there is no reason to waste precious time harping on the dysfunctions of Melanoid people without acknowledging and seeking to counter- the system of racism/white supremacy that created the very same dysfunction in the first place. –Bryson Clark, Courtesy of Melanoid Nation

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