Mirroring the Code

This is a philosophy that I adopted from someone else years ago, “Never side with another group against your own.”. As a matter of fact, a variation of this quote is used in the film The Godfather. Michael Corleone says this to Fredo when Fredo defends Moe Greene for smacking him. This is something that the dominant society does when it comes to us; they never side against their own on behalf of us. If one of their own wrongs us then they go silent, deflect or play dumb, and wander off into another direction; if one of ours wrongs theirs, then they go on the attack. Due to this, I suggest that Melanoid people mirror this code; if one of ours wrongs theirs then go silent, play dumb, or deflect; if one of theirs harms ours then go on the attack. The fact that we are in the midst of a war means that there is no room for fairness or room to be unbiased; we simply have to pick a side and get coded.

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