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7 Things To Do To Make Her Act Right

Let's recap: You've been dating this female for a while now. When you first got together, you couldn't stay away from each other. Late night phone calls:

"You hang up."

"No, YOU hang up first."

Remember that?

Remember when you first got together, and she couldn't keep her hands off of you? She practically threw the panties at you anytime you wanted. Your girl was a regular porn star, but not anymore. Things have changed. You argue way more than you used to. She needs her 'space' these days, which usually entails going out with her girlfriends more often than ever before; of course 9 times out of 10, she ain't just hanging out with the girls all those nights.

Now when you call, your calls are no longer a priority. You can't seem to figure out what’s happening. The more you try and spend more time with her, the nicer and more understanding you try to be, the worse her behavior towards you gets. Moreover, let’s not even talk about sex; sex i…

The Importance Of Documentation, Naming, And Monetizing

On the Zo What Morning Show, Zo Williams, Bobby Glanton-Smith, and a few others always talk about Black people writing our own narrative. Whatever we touch turns to gold, but for some strange reason, other races of people reap the rewards, and in some cases, are the faces of people who invented the very thing we taught them.

Let's say you have a new invention that allows you to travel forward and backward through time; other black folks are visiting their ancestors from the times of slavery, visiting the kings of Africa, and Black rulers outside of Africa, and etc.; these Black folks don't pay one red cent for going back in time; the inventor isn't making any money off of it at all. Then one day, you have a non-Black person who heard about this invention from their Black "friend", I put quotes for a reason and you'll find out why; he's friendly, he's "down", can relate to the Black struggle, and he has a Black girlfriend; he talks to the inve…

Empower Yourselves Individually

Alright, since I’ve already discussed that we are in a new age of slavery, because we are already in Jim Crow 2.0, everyone, that doesn't have a business or isn't an entrepreneur, needs to have a side endeavor that they engage in to make money. Being that we are aware of the plans that this country, and on a global scale, other countries, have for us. It only makes sense to be proactive in ensuring our survival, along with steering our betterment. Group economics is a hot topic that gets discussed often, and we do need that, but we also need to empower ourselves individually too. Everyone that is dependent upon the dominant society for their financial well-being needs to have/create a side endeavor to make money just in case they happen to get fed up with dealing with the bullshit that goes on within these companies in terms of racism. At least having a side endeavor that you are engaged in allows you to have some money on the side in case you need to vacate your premises. Fur…

Worldly Game Interviews King Eric

I had a chance to interview King Eric from the blog, Escobar 300. I previously shared a post of his my blog. King Eric is an aspiring entrepreneur that lends his talents to a variety of things within the music business. He’s one of the hosts of the show Off the Cuff and he’s also a part of the Grid 10 crew.

Derrick: King Eric, Goodnight (since it’s night time) :-D. What exactly do you do in the music business, and what sparked your passion to start doing what you do?

King Eric: What I do in the music business is that I use my platform which is Off the Cuff Radio as a hip hop syndicate to give promotion to up and coming artists (whom are talented) and willing to get that push.

King Eric: What sparked my passion is my thirst for knowledge of how the game operates behind the scenes. I love dropping information to spark discussion and enlightened minds.

King Eric: It also came with a desalinated purpose because I’ve seen VJs and hip hop journalists misrepresenting the art, so I wanted to crea…