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Robert Griffin 3 and RG2 and the Black Conservative mentality explained.

I’ve been trying to find a way to explain the African American/Black psychological elements at play here, so non-African Americans/Blacks can understand and relate to the psychological situation at play here.
The problem has always been that the term “Running Quarterback, Running QB” has a racist connotation to it.
“Running QB” and “Athletic QB” over time have just become politically correct/Benign Neglect ways of saying “Black QB”. Most of us know this by now and have become culturally accepting to it.
I will be quoting Tshile from Extreme Skins forum for this as well.
"Running QB” seems to have always been used to denote a QB that had the athletic ability to run but not the “smarts” to be a real quarterback; someone that could read defenses, throw the ball accurately, and etc.There seems an obvious racist element to it.I may be splitting hairs, but I’m definitely willing to say that it was part of the whole movement by him to get out of the read option. He didn’t want to be labeled…

The Differences Pt 2 …. Serena Williams & Ronda Rousey

Something has been bothering me for the past couple of months! How can the public view of these 2 similar, but different, female athletes be so skewed? These two legends are both great at what they do and will most likely be the bar that future female athletes measure themselves to when they are competing. Both athletes are also very bold, confident, and aggressive when it comes to competition, but there is a huge discrepancy with how the “public” perceives them. If you haven’t already guessed it, I’m talking about Serena Williams and Ronda Rousey! Serena is often looked at as the arrogant female athlete by many tennis fans across the world, but that’s because she doesn’t take shit from anybody; no matter if it’s an opponent, line judge, fan, or a reporter, but Ronda Rousey on the other hand, it seems is viewed as the “Great White Hope”, which I get because we dominate damn near every single sport in the world, let alone the country. This great white hope narrative has been going on f…