Robert Griffin 3 and RG2 and the Black Conservative mentality explained.

I’ve been trying to find a way to explain the African American/Black psychological elements at play here, so non-African Americans/Blacks can understand and relate to the psychological situation at play here.
The problem has always been that the term “Running Quarterback, Running QB” has a racist connotation to it.
“Running QB” and “Athletic QB” over time have just become politically correct/Benign Neglect ways of saying “Black QB”. Most of us know this by now and have become culturally accepting to it.
I will be quoting Tshile from Extreme Skins forum for this as well.
"Running QB” seems to have always been used to denote a QB that had the athletic ability to run but not the “smarts” to be a real quarterback; someone that could read defenses, throw the ball accurately, and etc.There seems an obvious racist element to it.I may be splitting hairs, but I’m definitely willing to say that it was part of the whole movement by him to get out of the read option. He didn’t want to be labeled as a black quarterback whose only true asset was his ability to run. It seems really obvious to me and I completely get it; I mean I get it in the sense that I see why he would feel that way; I don’t think the issue is made up.
This is where the African American psychology comes into play. People have to remember that Robert Griffin and his dad were raised to be Conservative Black Americans, not to be confused by the Democrats versus Republicans political conflict.
Conservative means one who wants to Conserve, obviously, but in Black American society there have always been Black People that were Anti-Black, as I would politely put it; Black People that wanted to conserve slavery and Jim Crow. This has existed in Black America for a long time; the Black Conservatives are people of this mentality.
You can view more videos from this channel here.

Black Conservatism is all about distancing one’s self from “Blackness” and gaining acceptance from “Whiteness”.
The Griffins were raised in this mentality, and like many Black Conservatives, they wanted to distance themselves from the “Black QB” negative stereotype, in spite of how positive or successful he may be at it.
The gravy on top of all of this was at the end of the 2012 season when the Sports Media turned the “Read Option” term into something of a negative word around Washington Redskins nation among fans as well as nationwide. The Success of Griffin was the first time most Fans heard of the term “Read Option”, which became popular from his success, but in the same season it became a sort of “Curse Word” thrown around to criticize Griffin as a “Black QB”.
The Inner Black Conservatism in them, made them also want to quickly turn away from the Read Option, aka the Black QB stereotype, just like many of the Redskins Fans and Media were requesting in the 2012 offseason media talk.
Mike Shanahan wanted to slowly introduce Griffin into a West Coast offense, WCO, but the Griffins didn’t want the label of being a “Running QB” aka a “Stereotypical Black QB”; this is where the major conflict started.
Take note that prior to the 2012 Backlash, his running game was praised in a good way by his peers in college and Rookie year, in which he had no problem in doing just that, even after being injured in College as well.
It wasn’t until the Media started to attack the “Read Option” aka “Running QB” and comparing him with other Black QBs, did the Griffins, RG2 and RG3, start to turn against it.
Although he wasn’t ready for WCO, all he could think about, like most Black Conservatives, is gaining back acceptance from the dominant society, which at that time, at the end of 2012, the dominant society was saying how bad Read Option were, how it’s a Gimmick, and can never be a successful NFL offense. So, makes sense for him to want to pass on Read Option to make the dominant society happy right?
Fast Forward to Jay Gruden. By the time this QB Guru came in, it was too late for him to turn back on his previous actions of wanting to quickly move into WCO. Jay Gruden didn’t like him as well, because he is seen as a stereotypical “Running QB”, prior to him getting here, as well as being fueled by the Media talk of him being a “Diva”, which is a negative stereotype for a Black Female, similar to a man being called a Bitch, which is a negative stereotype for a woman being used as a bigger form of an insult. So, Jay already had his mind made up before he got here; that’s what we call Perception. So, he now has no chance of success here on the Redskins now.
I will say this, I blame most of this on the Griffins. Why?
Because it’s their mentality that rushed this along.
Black QBs, such as Russel Wilson, embrace their athletic gifts and use it to their advantage regardless of any stereotypes. Black QBs such as Cam Newton, embrace their athletic gifts and use it to their advantage regardless of any stereotypes. Black QBs such as Mike Vick, embrace their athletic gifts and use it to their advantage regardless of any stereotypes. Black QBs such as McNabb, embrace their athletic gifts and use it to their advantage regardless of any stereotypes, but the Griffins, being Black Conservative mentally, refuse to be lumped in with a negative stereotype associated with “Blackness” and want to distant themselves from the elements of being an “Athletic Running QB”.
Non-Black People may understand this better using a similar mentality that you may have experienced while growing up in school.
Remember the guy at your high school who was the big overzealous follower? They would sometimes go so far to gain acceptance, that they would do something really stupid that defies logical thought, just to gain brownie points with the alpha males in the group, even if it lead to self-harm.
Well, that’s the traditional Black Conservative Griffin mentality. People like that are always going to do what they believe the alpha voice in the room wants them to do, and to distant themselves as to what they see as the bottom-dwellers, which in school usually were the nerds/geeks, in spite of them being one of those themselves under the surface. –Knight Honor, Courtesy of Melanoid Nation Reddit (September 1, 2015)

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