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Getting Fine “Bitches“ to Cooperate

Alright, although it is recommended to avoid “bitches” from the start, it is also useful to know how to deal with a “bitch” if you happen to encounter one.
Before I begin, though, I would like just to throw out that if you happen to be with a fine lady--with her mind right--that is cooperative, then there is no reason for you to enact the advice I am going to layout in this post.
Now then, this post is about dealing with fine “bitches,” with emphasis on the word “bitch.” Alright, when you deal with a fine “bitch” you have to mash on her from the beginning. These women start out with their heads in the clouds and their feet off the ground, so they have to have their clouds blown away so that they can fall back down to earth; the only way to do this is to start out by being very hard on them; check them for every little thing that they do, and check them HARD. Have a no-nonsense approach with them because they will come with the nonsense. These type of women like to talk smart and half-as…

Play the Game Right and the Rewards Will Come

Greeting players, it's been a hot ass minute, but I'm back for the time being. As I look on the boards, I'm seeing a lot of good game being chopped by the thorough cats as it should be, but at the same time, I still see a lot of the same old same old, and I want to touch on that a bit.

With the space I'm in right now in life, I'm living proof of the progress that can be made when you FULLY take this game and apply it correctly, and not just half-assing it. I'm not where I want to be just yet or even close, but I'm a hell of a lot further along than I was before I started fucking with Tariq's Ustreams and podcasts, and then later joining UPA, reading the jewels being dropped and reading some of the books I saw recommended. That's for damn sure. Hearing Tariq talk so much about economic empowerment, then coming here and seeing cats build on that same topic, that finally lit the fire under my ass to get my own business started up. Moreover, it's bee…

The Power of Names

There is a lot of power within names. As a matter of fact, names actually have meanings behind them. My true first name actually means wisdom which is interesting because the thing I value most in this world is wisdom because through wisdom derives all things.
Now to address this post, I actually once had an experience where I was overpowered by the power I injected into a name. The name was Jazmine (I changed the name for this post). The reason I imparted it so much power within this name is because while I was in Colorado there was this woman that I was attracted to whose name was Jasmine (I changed the name for this post). I conversed with this Jasmine and could tell she was filling me, but I could not pull her because she was already within a relationship. The reason there was so much energy placed on her name is because we worked together, and when you work with someone that only creates even more sexual energy amongst you because you are within close proximity of one another for …

Steve Cokely talks about "Behold a Pale Horse"

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“|DSP 47| Mastering the Art of Seduction with Robert Greene

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Reject The Handouts And Watch The Wealth Start To Build

When you stop relying on the government for money, you will be financially free. I don't care how poor you are, public assistance is beneath you. You may say, "Well, I have mouths to feed and I need a roof over our heads." Very simple solution. All us black folks are billionaires collectively. Time to start paying up! Don't worry; it won't cost you any more than $10.

According to the 2010 Census, there were over 37 million African Americans (aka Blacks) in America. Imagine if each of us put aside $10 a month for our community. Stop thinking you need to give all you got for your community or fellow black brothers and sisters. All you need is $10 and that's it!

Sounds like it's not enough? It's actually more than you can imagine.

$10 X 37 million black people in America = $370 million a month!

What could you do with $370 million a month? A school cost about $20-$30 million (sometimes more). You could build 10 schools a month! In five months, you could build…

Being Discerning Versus Being Untrusting

Today’s post stems from a trend that I have noticed amongst women that have made a lot of wrong decisions within their lives; these women develop a tendency to become very un-trusting, at least towards men anyway. Now, the purpose of these women becoming very un-trusting is so they will not be tricked or misled, however, unbeknownst to these women, what they fail to realize is by being so untrusting, they stunt their growth. It is okay to be discerning when interacting with people because this prevents a person from being tricked or misled. However, there is a difference between being discerning and being untrusting. Using discernment means looking at the complete picture of what a person is telling you or showing you in order to get a full vision of the individual’s character. Being un-trusting means simply refusing to believe a person despite what they have shown you or told you. Mistrust is a huge turnoff. Eventually, the person will begin to realize that regardless of what he/she …