White Sacrifices

OJ’s wife was a White sacrifice. Back then, OJ was on top of his game, and a lot of White supremacists were very dismayed that OJ was married to a White woman, along with all of the endorsement deals that he had, so White supremacists decided to eliminate his wife and make OJ look like the perpetrator. As we have seen, OJ’s hands are too big to fit those gloves so he couldn’t have been the culprit. However, even after OJ was found “not guilty”—the media continued to harass him, ultimately locking him up for stealing his own stuff back. Making OJ a product of the state would, in turn, turns over all of his assets--thus funneling his money back to the dominant society. 
Similarly, this happened to Bill Cosby through his son, Ennis. Ennis was killed during a roadside robbery while carrying thousands of dollars in--what the news dubbed--a botched robbery attempt. However, the killer never stole a dime from him, instead, he just killed him. Moreover, it just so happens that by killing Ennis--the murderer eliminated Bill Cosby’s heir to his fortune—thus stopping Bill Cosby from passing on his wealth. Coincidences like this happen far too frequently to be coincidences.
As a matter of fact, we see White sacrifices with some of these police killings. If the culprit is White, then the culprit will have to basically charge at the police while holding a weapon to get killed, but if the culprit is Black, then he/she will just get killed because he/she is Black. This allows people to use the whole argument about the killings being the result of a “police state” rather than the police killings being racially based, despite the fact that most victims of police brutality are of Melanoid descent.

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