Tariq's Advice: It’s Logical, but is it Practical?

One of the main reasons why most of us came to this site is because we either wanted to learn game required to pull chicks or become macks. While from a logical standpoint I can agree with Tariq's reasoning when it comes to game, I am wondering how practical his advice is?

For example: 

1. Not buying drinks for chicks in the club. I have not yet experienced or met a dude that can recall, after not buying a drink for a girl who asked, having her pop his collar and giving him play. She would just move on to the next dude she suspects is a trick.

2. Telling a chick what to do, instead of asking her. Long story short, the result is going to be an argument due to her getting an attitude.

3. Not taking chicks out on expensive dates. Simple, low-key, inexpensive--if these are the words that you would use to describe a first date--then be prepared to either not get a first date or a second (if she has enough control not to curse you out on the first date).

4. Not buying expensive gifts for girls you just met. You guys all know the deal. Chicks are taught not to settle for less than they are worth, which is a great belief to have, except, when they don't honestly evaluate themselves. You got chicks raggedy like those girls from the Flavor of Love, thinking they’re on par with Oprah and Beyoncé, and therefore, should be compensated, like them, by dudes they've just met.

I'm sure you have gotten the gist and can come up with other examples. I'll admit I don't have game, and therefore, that may be why I see things the way I do, and like I said, Tariq's and the other players' on this board advice is soundly based on their reasoning in theory; however based on what I'm seeing in the real world, the results that should be based on following the principals/do's and don'ts of a mack yield very little, if any, results which are few and far in-between. -Captin Kidd 242 (Post), Courtesy of UPA (November 19, 2015)

I don't think you get the fundamental principles; you're talking about the rules, without understanding the reason for them.
1. Have you ever read or watched any book or movie written by authors like Zane, Danielle Steel, and E.L. James. Those 3 women combined have sold probably millions of books to women and are responsible for a billion dollar industry. They aren't great writers, but their numbers speak for themselves, they write about what women want, what they can't get with most simps and tricks, and crave for; that's why they buy the books. 

The books rotate around 3 things: 
a. Women lacking direction.
b. Becoming better by messing with dudes who are better than them and dominate them mentally and physically.
c. Trying to catch up and become an equal to her man.

2. A single woman (or a woman in a bad relationship) is usually lacking a feeling of direction for her life, because even if she makes tons of money, is she only making it so she can take care of a man? Where's the fulfillment in that? Her biology tells her she wants a man to follow, and she feels happiest and most alive when she has a man she is following, which is why, as much money as Oprah has, the vast majority of black women would sell their souls to the devil to be the wife of Barrack Obama. The point is that a woman wants a guy who is better than her, so she can learn from him and become his equal--that's the journey and the chase: that's what all the drama and crises are all about. Women don't want equality, they want to earn it; weak guys don't tap into that passion. 

3. There are players out there who buy women drinks, but their mentality is: "I'll buy you drinks, but they are meaningless to me; hell, I'll buy drinks for the house, that's how meaningless it is for me.", That's the mentality that rich guys have when they're buying the drinks--it's not the money, it's the mindset. Tricks and simps don't see the mentality, they see only the money, and thus they buy drinks, follow the dumb guidelines that women have set up for dating average and mediocre men, and by following all those rules set up by women, they instinctively reveal to her that they're weak and not that valuable. How are you going to lead her, if you're a slave to society? 

4. You can't lead if you're not prepared to be in front and take responsibility, and to do that you got to be a man whom a woman can't just run. If you don't understand that, or don't see that, as the foundation of the entire game, everything else is going to seem like its theory. However, the fact is women want to be dominated mentally and physically and want to overcome it; hell, even biologically, it's shown that women get higher levels of testosterone over the course of relationships and marriages. You don't need to be a biologist to understand that, but you do need to embrace the reality of what’s going on. –Wizdom (Comment), Courtesy of UPA (November 21, 2015)

Money makes a huge difference. Over here, Macking/Playing/Game concepts will not work. No Money, No Honey is the Motto. These chicks are about money, if you are not trying to wine or dine when you first meet them, nothing is happening. Well, you actually might be successful with some rookie hoodrats, but that's about it. You have chicks with no cars and working minimum wage or slightly above minimum wage thinking they are on Oprah/Beyoncé-level. 
Suited and booted. In theory, it is a sound principal. In reality not so much. While such a look will get you props and play in the U.S., over here that look will get you ostracized. Not to turn this into an argument, but to highlight my point, while your advice does sound like the right thing from a logical standpoint and common sense standpoint, I'm not seeing evidence of results of the techniques/methods when put into action. I have yet to see a dude being a mack or doing mackish things be successful. –Captin Kidd 242 (Comment), Courtesy of UPA (November 25, 2015)

But you lack the credibility to even make these statements. The fact that you don't see that is why you have no game, and have no hope.

Failure ≠ Knowledge, but yet the basis of what you think you know about women and the game is based off your failures, and not successes. Women’s responding to money is not special, it's normal throughout history, regardless of culture. What makes macking, well, macking is that it's done without the reliance on money, but on one's own mind: which is why confidence and self-esteem are so essential. 

The mind is like a muscle, and like a muscle you've got to work it out and challenge it for it to grow bigger. Most of the guys on here, through trial and error--or through working with people who have really put themselves through Hell to master the ISM--come on here and try to tell you what is, but you keep telling them what isn't. The only evidence you have is your failures, since after all, it's not like you have money--or even with the little money you have--use it to get women that might respond (under-employed hoodrats). It's just like a guy trying to tell a bodybuilder that because he doesn't get big lifting weights, everybody else who does is on steroids. That's a person that is attempting to avoid changing or accepting the fact that he doesn't know what he's talking about. –Wizdom (Comment) Courtesy of UPA (November 25, 2015)

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