If She Isn't Choosing…

Then she’s losing. Adopt this philosophy and watch life change in front of your eyes. –Don Da Dapper, Courtesy of UPA (December 2, 2015)

It could be that she's in a space where she doesn't want a relationship or she could just get that maybe you aren't going to commit to her? –Lena B., Courtesy of UPA (December 2, 2015)

Does it matter? Sisters complain about street harassment, etc., and players come at you smooth, no overt pressure and move on if she says “no”. "No" means “no” to us. That should be celebrated. 
Anyway, it doesn't matter. She said “no”. Are you saying pursue it? Which goes against this street harassment thing (even though I don't subscribe to street corner macking) but extending it to the bar, a restaurant, etc. 
It’s a simple thing. She says no, you move on. Women should love this way IF what some are saying is what they actually believe. -Arsenal, Courtesy of UPA (December 2, 2015)

Um, no. I’m not saying pursue it if she says “no”. I'm giving you reasons as to WHY she might say “no”. If she's not in a space where she does want a relationship or to be on a "team", then she's not losing. She's sticking to her guns and saving herself for what matters to her. 
Also, it does matter. It doesn't matter how thorough you are if you are unwilling to commit (if that's what she's looking for); her saying “no” makes sense. –Lena B., Courtesy of UPA (December 2, 2015)

Actually, she is losing. 

That kind of thinking is nothing more than a rationalization that square guys have all the time--which is why they stay losing. The difference is that the thing between their legs makes ladies think they can get away with it--even when they are losing at the moment. 

"I'm not going to talk to that dime over there because I just got out of a bad relationship."
"I'm not going to talk to her because my money isn’t right."
"I'm not going to talk to her because my confidence is low." 

It's narcissism, solipsism, self-importance, selfishness, and etc.; whatever word you like. It's based off the belief that some external or supernatural force will make up for missed opportunities, due to a person's belief in fate, God, Destiny or, "Soulmates." They think that rather than them adjusting to what comes at them, that rather it is the other person who will go through all the obstacles to get with them, because they are "worth it" (It's crazy that the other person could think the exact same way, isn't it?") People only do such things with other people. They don't do that when it comes to Black Friday: they know there is an opportunity for a great deal and they go out there and grab it, if they want it, regardless of what's going on in their life, because they know if they miss it today, then they're going to have to wait for a year, before such opportunities come again, and they might never come again.

So no, if a woman, whatever she's going through, can't fall in line and embrace a thorough dude, and lets other things in her life distract her, that's likely going to be her M.O. in the future, which means she is absolutely not marriage material. Moreover, the same thing applies to guys who let things going on with them or their lives, block them from going with the dime, that’s got everything going for her. Opportunities are limited, and those who take them for granted, deserve the consequences. –Wizdom, Courtesy of UPA (December 3, 2015)

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