Life's Cruel Little Joke.

Life is a motherfucker. Moreover, also the ultimate revenge in some cases. While in high school and college, guys will pursue the hottest chicks on campus. Usually, these are the well-endowed or overdeveloped hotties. At this point, it can be argued that women have the power. Attractive women in their late teens and early 20's have this uncanny ability to get guys to buy them things--and sometimes even get them to pay their bills--simply because men find them attractive. Young guys will get discouraged and sometimes have a jaded view of women--but guys you have to understand--life will play a cruel joke on these women, years down the road.
As with meat, dairy products, and other perishable goods women have a limited "shelf life." Hell, they even have a "best when used date." Women are at their prime between the ages of 18-35. It's this 17-year stretch that women can use their looks to their advantage. However, the tide slowly starts to turn when she hits 25. Though she's still as hot as August 18th, her best years are behind her. From that point on, it's all downhill. When she reaches 30--for all intents and purposes--it's a wrap; the ass is starting to fall and is beginning to resemble some gelatinous substance, her titties are beginning to sag, and she's developing crow’s feet. Some chicks have good genes and take care of themselves, and they can squeeze out five more years. Unfortunately, these chicks are few and far in between. It's usually around this time--women start wanting "a good man." Let me add that if a girl pops out a kid during this stage, it's a wrap also. Generally, females have baby damage after a pregnancy.
Then there are guys. Guys don't even begin until 25, and our looks don't start to fade until we're 35 through 40 years old. If a man keeps himself in shape, He can negate the effects of age. Notice how many chicks talk about the "handsome older gentleman." Simply put, age doesn't fuck us the same way it does chicks.
Then there's the kicker--the thing that negates even age. Money. While chicks have to start worrying about getting a guy at 25--men are just starting out. Men are fresh out of college and trying to build a career. When it's over for chicks at 30, for men, we're just hitting our stride. Imagine being a Harvard Law graduate--at 30 years old--making a high five-digit or six-digit salary, and you're working out. You'd be able to fuck probably 85% of the chicks you come across. Imagine being 35 through 40, a senior partner in some prestigious law firm--or whatever commanding position you're in--and you're single. You can still be able to bang chicks in their late teens and early 20's!!!! This is why it's important to stay in school--and why Leykis recommends against getting into serious relationships until you're 25, or you've achieved your career goals. So, guys don't fret when the hotties turn you down, stay focused. If you handle your business properly, in years to come, you'll be able to have the broads that rejected you years earlier. The thing is you'll probably not want them because age has set in; you will probably want her hotter, younger, sister. –Omnipoten Maximus Rex, Courtesy of The Game Advisors (December 28, 2015)

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