Acute to Chronic Simp-itis Infection

Simp-itis Infection Symptoms

If you have simp-itis--either acute or chronic--signs and symptoms may include the following but not limited to:

•Patronization of Females
•Frequent agreeing with females to gain favor from them 
•Slight to Severe Loneliness - (causing extreme thirst for women including attention-whoring)
•Extreme Fatigue - From over worrying about getting a female (including the approval of women)
•Excessive Complimenting Towards Females - Even when it’s NOT deserved 
•Unnecessary Singing and Crying - To express how you feel about a female 
•Reckless Emotional Behavior - After a woman gives you the "Cookie", you immediately catch FEELINGS OF LOVE (Stalker Type)
•Emotional Love Letters: Written emotional letters to females with drawn tears and sad faces included

More Severe Signs Include:

•The frequent playing and listening to music artists such as; Kenny Lattimore, Brian McKnight, Keith Sweat, Tevin Campbell, and Frank Ocean
•Taking hot milk bubble baths with chamomile, vanilla lavender, and scented candles (by yourself)
•Watching Lifetime Network Television Shows With your girl 
•Attending Avon and Mary Kay beauty parties with your girl
•Looking forward to watching the home shopping network with your girl

If you have any of these symptoms, you should contact your P.M.P. (Primary Mack Practitioner) to address these issues.

When to see a Mack Practitioner:

•Symptoms last more than 1 week
•Prevents you from keeping it 100
•Is accompanied by "Moist" Behavior
•Heavy breathing and lust in eyes when in the company of females


Simp-itis infection is usually the result of "GAME" deficiency, so antibiotics are NOT effective. Your Mack Practitioner may prescribe moderate to heavy doses of game to ease symptoms of simp-itis infection. If you have chronic simp-itis, your M.P. may also prescribe harsh reality game to combat the disease to reduce serious risk of secondary-type infections, Trick-lamydia, and permanent "Moistness." –Lordome, Courtesy of UPA (April 5, 2013) (Post)

If you don’t mind my input Brother.

Could it all be so simple? No! Choose Up!!

Definition of Simple: Of humble origin or modest position. The root word of Simple (SIMP!!), simplified for those. Out of the darkness and into the light, GAME RECOGNIZES GAME! True Born Macks and Players can see True Born Macks and Players. There is a reason why the men who say “This Thing of Ours” keeps the crooked woman or man with the female state of mind and their bent agenda IN her position that is out of our thing for the steady practice in the study, the focus, and the application of the Game among the real ones. Provocateurs and Facetious Agents, Bitch-made males included--the cheerleading squad in the Game, playing games to use controversy to derail focus and cause dissension among those United Players and Macks worldwide. –D.G.F.A.B, Courtesy of UPA (April 5, 2013) (Comment)

To add to that statement many Kings including--King Solomon whom eventually fell to Simp Mentality, and probably displayed those same characteristics as the kings of the time. Pull your skirts down players and man up to the reality of what actually goes on. Better yet Kings and Queens need to approach situations as who they really are and not under the disguise of Bitch-made energy. I try to give a sense of humor approach to some of the game because many times the game, or "ISM", seems to go over many cats' heads when it's too intellectually based. Maybe that's why you see so much 1-dimensional shit that has no substance and no real 360-degree knowledge out here. So, at the end of the day you just have to laugh and keep it real motherfucking lightweight for lightweight minds. –Lordome, Courtesy of UPA (April 5, 2013) (Comment)

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