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Clubs Losing Money Due to Low Male Attendance

What inspired this post was an article that I read that talked about club owners losing money. It stated something fascinating in regards to male-female relations. It basically said that females have been shying away from clubs, and this is why clubs are losing money. I want to address this now. Despite whatever studies this article claims it has, it’s fallacious. Club owners make their money from male participants. Many clubs don’t charge female attendees an entrance fee. Going further, many women don’t buy their own drinks in the club either; they buy very few if they do buy their own. Furthermore, many females don’t even bring their wallets to the club because they know that they don’t need it. So, that means the lion’s share of profit comes from male patrons. Women are allowed into clubs for free to draw male patrons to the club. However, nowadays, many females, while in the club, act as though they don’t like males. Moreover, they turn down any man that attempts to hit on them. T…

How do I get into the game?

I'm having issues getting into the game. To make a long story short, I was homeschooled throughout most of my childhood. My parents knew that the public school system likes to funnel black kids into special education and decided to educate me themselves, which they did well.

In the 11th Grade, my parents sent me to a dual credit High School where I graduated with my High School diploma and my Associate's degree at the same time. 

Now I'm 18, turning 19 in April, working full-time, and taking a few classes at a community college as a Hospitality Major. I live alone in a condo that my parents own, I am about to buy a nice car, and I'm making good money at a hotel. Everyone tells me I'm off to a good start in life.

However, I can't seem to meet women, and I'm anxious to do so. When I went to High School in the 11th Grade, I was around girls but most of them were Ethiopians, Nigerians, Indians, etc., and would stick with their own, even though a lot of them did li…

Too Many Knife Stabs in the Back

I really avoid topics that could delve into gender-warring as much as possible. However, this post from Jemele Hill is completely unacceptable. Now, although, she shared the post, it is giving accolades to someone completely maligned against Black men. Furthermore, she cosigns his utter nonsense after her coworkers—some of whom are Black men--refused to go to work after she was blackballed. Time and time again we’re seeing betrayal after betrayal from Black women. 
Right now, the Black community is in utter disarray. Furthermore, the leaders of the community are Black women—rather they want to be or not. On top of this, the number of single-parent homes is over 70% in the Black community. Finally, the number of single women is close to 80%. To “remedy” this, there have been many quasi-discussions and utter pointless discussions to talk about things that can be done to rejoin the union. People go into our history and different reasons for the breakup, but by the end, nothing is resolved…

Game De-Evolution - Good & Bad

Over the last few podcasts that Tariq has dropped he has spoken about the game devolving due to the landscape changing. I agree things have changed a lot but damn, are they like that, my dudes? Tariq says that nowadays men should just resort to "tricking" or "johning" as a way to circumvent the drama; I have to humbly disagree with this notion.
I'd like to think of myself as a "game purest" of sorts in that I think regardless of what the landscape does, tricking is never the answer. I feel as though tricking is admission of two cardinal sins in the game:
1. Lack of Discipline - If you can’t control your dick to the degree that you've to pay for some ass, then you have problems well beyond being a John.
2. Giving up on the GAME - If you are negotiating "sex for pay", then you have waved the proverbial white flag on your mouthpiece (in my opinion). You are saying; "Here, just take this money, let me fuck you, and all is square." 
No …

A Woman's 1st Simp

The first Simp, a woman, will meet in her lifetime will likely be her father.
It's OK that fathers spoil their daughters. It's OK that they pander. They are parents. What's not OK is to try & say that a father will set the tone for how his daughter should be treated. Moreover, that she should expect the best out of men without her being taught how to be the very best woman for the man she wants to date.
You set your daughters up for failure in the dating world when you don't teach them how to deal with certain guys & when you don't teach them how to be the type of woman men will want to date.
To teach them to expect the best, and men should treat them like princesses, is to raise them as entitled, spoiled brats.
They expect a lot out of men, but don't want to work up to that same expectation that men will have for them.
Women (with simps for fathers) never see how a thoroughbred type of father acts & behaves & treats his wife because their fathers ha…

Using soft words for making hard politics–the Bismarck-style

(I took a lot of liberties in fine-tuning this post because the original poster speaks English as a second language, so he had several grammatical issues. However, I kept the core post.)

“A hard surface and a soft core,” is a saying most of us have already heard of. However, how would it be if we turned the tables and professed “a soft surface and a hard core” instead? That would be a way to come closer to the style of great diplomats and statesmen, guys that have become very rare in our times. One of those great personalities of history, which perfected this style, was the Prussian chancellor--and later chancellor of bigger Germany--Prince Otto von Bismarck.

The iron chancellor

I will admit it right at the beginning: Bismarck has not always been a diplomatic genius. For a big part of his life he had to fight against himself, his impulses, and tame his tongue. This was a tremendous task that took an enormous amount of energy from him. He had a very hot-blooded nature and was notorious in…

King Flex’s 7 Levels of Disrespect

1. Combativeness - passive aggressive form of disrespecting you. You say one thing, and she says the opposite for the sake of being disagreeable.

2. Slick Comments - dissing; "I want to start my own business" she sarcastically says, "Yeah, right." This is a subtle diss.

3. Insults - calling you names during conversations or out in public.

4. Public Embarrassment - When they are comfortable at home disrespecting you, then they do it publicly. They holler at you in front of strangers.

5. Slander – After dissing you privately and publicly, she begins dissing you when you are not around to friends and family. Alternatively, she may start putting your business in the streets.

6. Infidelity - She disrespects you behind your back and at home and sees that she can get away with it, so, now, she has sex with another dude.

7. Set You Up to Get Robbed, Killed, or Assaulted - blatant contempt. Moreover, you become a cuckold. Your life becomes endangered.

Fellas, don't let it get …

Self-Mastery: Stop Trying to be a "Real Man."

"A real man takes care of his kids and knows how to treat a woman with respect." 
"A real woman knows how to cook and knows how to treat her man." 

You've heard these and similar terms before. They make up the vast majority of public debates and conversations about Black relationships between Black men and Black women, whether it's online, in churches, hanging out, etc. As frequently as this occurs and as passionate people become, most of these debates are mythological, just like arguing over who is a better player between LeBron James and Michael Jordan. 

The most important part of the game, and life in general, is self-mastery. Knowing and controlling who you are, so you can turn yourself into the man, or even woman you want to be. The argument over "real" this and that, means that there is some external force that validates you as a real man or real woman, and until it does, you aren't real. If you believe this and apply it, your game suffers,…