A Woman's 1st Simp

The first Simp, a woman, will meet in her lifetime will likely be her father.
It's OK that fathers spoil their daughters. It's OK that they pander. They are parents. What's not OK is to try & say that a father will set the tone for how his daughter should be treated. Moreover, that she should expect the best out of men without her being taught how to be the very best woman for the man she wants to date.
You set your daughters up for failure in the dating world when you don't teach them how to deal with certain guys & when you don't teach them how to be the type of woman men will want to date.
To teach them to expect the best, and men should treat them like princesses, is to raise them as entitled, spoiled brats.
They expect a lot out of men, but don't want to work up to that same expectation that men will have for them.
Women (with simps for fathers) never see how a thoroughbred type of father acts & behaves & treats his wife because their fathers have filled their heads with half-truths. Women (with simps for fathers) fail to see that their mother runs the relationship. She treats her husband any kind of way & he just puts up with her bullshit & disrespect.
When her mother gets out of pocket, she'll never see her mother check herself, get checked, or admit she's wrong in situations where she most likely is. She'll always assume that men will put up with her bullshit because her father put up with crap. She will get into relationships & do some shit that her mother did on a man that will not tolerate her. She'll be confused by it. She'll never self-analyze where she went wrong. She'll become bitter, repeating the same cycle.
To be honest, women with simp fathers will date the complete opposite of their father. They will first date a guy like their dad but then get tired of the lack of challenge, the pandering, and then want a bad boy. They grow bored & tired of being worshiped. Moreover, the bad boy will be rebellious, & he won't put up with her bullshit. He won't let anyone use him the way a Simp would. She'll gravitate towards the kind of men her father isn't anyway; it doesn't matter how much he spoiled her. -Stop Simping Movement (April 15, 2016)

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