Game De-Evolution - Good & Bad

Over the last few podcasts that Tariq has dropped he has spoken about the game devolving due to the landscape changing. I agree things have changed a lot but damn, are they like that, my dudes? Tariq says that nowadays men should just resort to "tricking" or "johning" as a way to circumvent the drama; I have to humbly disagree with this notion.
I'd like to think of myself as a "game purest" of sorts in that I think regardless of what the landscape does, tricking is never the answer. I feel as though tricking is admission of two cardinal sins in the game:
1. Lack of Discipline - If you can’t control your dick to the degree that you've to pay for some ass, then you have problems well beyond being a John.
2. Giving up on the GAME - If you are negotiating "sex for pay", then you have waved the proverbial white flag on your mouthpiece (in my opinion). You are saying; "Here, just take this money, let me fuck you, and all is square." 
No Dice.
Truthfully, the men of this era do not have to give up anything monetarily to fuck. As Zo Williams says, "There's more pussy on planet Earth than water." Women actually want no-strings-attached sex and have made that clear to the world in their quest to be our equals. So, why do cats move to the merchant pussy? 
I think (regardless of what you negotiate) if you are a man of means, even the whore will get you caught up (if you do not layer yourself correctly). These cats (Dwayne Wade and Ludacris, specifically) are getting jammed up out here because they are making grave mistakes in the game. They are becoming far too comfortable, they are not exhibiting discipline, and they are trusting women whom they are not completely aligned with in the first place; all, are very game-debilitating actions.
While I am not trying to lay out the road map on how to cheat in 2014, I will say that cats (that are in the know) understand the game and how taking a mental and emotional "day off" will hurt you out here with anyone (side-females, homeboys, family, etc.).
What ways have you identified that the game has devolved--good and/or bad?
Speak on it! –Plan~B, Courtesy of UPA (January 15, 2014) (Post)

I know what you’re typing about. Tariq lately has been saying that if you’re a man of means--fucking with chicks on the side and they begin trying to extort you or something--that you should just break them off some paper to keep them quiet and prevent them from fucking up other things that you've going on because, nowadays, broads are coming up off of whom they’re fucking (“Basketball Wives", “Real Housewives of Atlanta”, etc.). In this regard, Tariq is right. However, all of these athletes, musicians, etc. are forgetting an old saying, “Never fuck with a woman that has nothing to lose.” If you’re balling out here, then fucking a bitch just because she’s fine is unacceptable, and you’ll end up just like them. She has to be balling so that (if things go wrong) you can cut her off cleanly without worrying about repercussions because she has shit to lose if she opens her mouth. These cats out here, though, are game-goofy because they’ve never had to acquire game and/or just prefer taking the short route (i.e. tricking). For guys ignoring the golden rule, they only have two options (three really), pay up, get burned for the long haul, and (number three), remove the problem permanently. –TheKing_65, Courtesy of UPA (January 15, 2014) (Comment)

There's a consistent problem with dudes that has been going on since the beginning of time, and that's controlling the ego. Many men have fallen prey to women because of their ego. It doesn't matter whether you're an athlete or an average joe; the ego remains unchecked with men even though it consistently gets them in trouble. Also, I think the ego problem amongst men has gotten worse over the years due to the lack of men/father figures, discipline, and a lack of Game. Dudes are out here thinking they run shit when all they're doing is running their got-damn mouth like a female. Moreover, the athletes and entertainers have gotten worse because they have entitlement issues. They believe that everything should be handed to them, and they believe they can't anybody tell them shit. So, when it comes to athletes and entertainers, they're fucking with a double whammy, and it always shows up down the road when their pockets are getting picked by the courts and the bitches. -Sensi, Courtesy of UPA (January 16, 2014) (Comment)

Plan~B I think many dudes began playing and learning the game out of necessity and not due to choice. Their lack of finance, transportation, and sociability was Forced Discipline instead of Learned Discipline. So, once they come up with money or movability, all the game goes out the window, and they join the ranks of the Tricks they envied for so long. Brothers are in financial solitary confinement, dreaming of the day they can get out and make it rain on a Bitch. 
How has the game changed? It's a Glass Door Market! Back in the day, you could not see all the grass across America. The game had fences. Now, no one is content (or willing) to build. Everyone is looking to purchase new grass; moreover, fly grass in from California. It's like going to a specialty store or going to Sam's Club. It takes a lot more discipline to walk in Sam's Club, get what you want, and walk out. –Highlife Phi, Courtesy of UPA (January 16, 2014) (Comment)

The Good (for some):

In a circle of married and single cats, I posed the question, and a few of them liked that the game has changed regarding how women are looking to TV for their problems in life and imitating the art (if you really want to call it art). 
I can see the point there because a lot of today’s black females identify with Olivia Pope and Being Mary Jane. Hell, some of them aspire to be those figures because of how successful they are depicted; they just so happen to fuck married dudes and others. B-)
So, to recap what is promoted on TV now:

- Fat Asses
- Successful
- Fucks married dudes and an assortment of others
- Wants love from the married cats, but noncommittal to the single guys in her rotation
- Social Media heavy
- Can fix others problems, but cannot fix her own
- Side-chicks are getting shine for smashing athletes and other celebrities (they get TV shows, book deals, etc.)

Damn, the game has changed. If you are in your 1st to 2nd-Degree Player Stage, you should be having a ball out there because this is definitely the climate for you. I feel sorry for cats looking for something solid, however. No wonder cats will stay in the player stages all the way through to their 40s. 
I may have to activate a prayer rag for my brothers. ;-) -Plan~B, Courtesy of UPA (January 16, 2014) (Comment)

I’d say, as a single dude, the hoes that be trying to play those "good girl" games and try to make you work to earn and keep them, are doing that because they see the potential you have, whether it be financial or otherwise. Moreover, they know hoing isn't getting them the results they would like to have. So, they want to keep you on standby in case they want to party it up, fuck around, and hoe it out. Plan~B was right when he said it’s hard as fuck to find something solid out here these days. Moreover, this is why men are well into their 40s and 50s still being playboys. That’s why I’m so hard on a woman's past and background. It really matters. You have to know what you’re dealing with if you want to take the long haul approach with a bitch. However, then again, these days is it really worth it? This marriage shit is overrated and undervalued. It’s like you have to settle for mediocre quality with a 100% risk and 0% reward. It’s become a business strategy for these slores. -ws109dlb, Courtesy of UPA (January 16, 2014) (Comment)

Do you think it's easier for single dudes to pull honeys for no-strings-attached sex? What kind of experiences are some of your single homies having? I ask because it seems to be a struggle for some of us, even the ones that appear to have a lot going on, seem confident, and are not thirsty. –KS2500, Courtesy of UPA (January 16, 2014) (Comment)

Out of the four single cats that I know, they all seem to be fairing decent with smashing females, but all of them claim those relationships are empty. It looks like, in the dating game, if you do get something going with a female, it's empty because she has several options too. So, you can’t really invest a lot into them. I haven’t seen all the women they deal with to know if they were good looking or not. One of them does have a good looking baby-mama, but you already know how that dynamic probably is for him--smash her on occasion, etc.
Most appear to be enjoying the new landscape because the expectations for commitment are so low that women just go with the flow. The younger cats look at it like how Highlife Phi said:

“How has the game changed? It's a Glass Door Market! Back in the day, you could not see all the grass across America. The game had fences. Now, no one is content (or willing) to build. Everyone is looking to purchase new grass; moreover, fly grass in from California. It's like going to a specialty store or going to Sam's Club. It takes a lot more discipline to walk in Sam's Club, get what you want, and walk out. –Highlife Phi, Courtesy of UPA (January 16, 2014) (Comment)”

The younger cats now go on Instagram or Twitter and just shop for ass, like they are at the store. Since some women will basically let you know they are down to fuck with no reservations, it appears all one has to do is pick one out to try on like a pair of pants; get her attention and set up the meet. As far as "out in the field" goes, they say that the game is pretty much the same in clubs and parties--meet chicks, exchange numbers, and repeat that cycle until something sticks, or until you stick something. That’s always been the game, however. The law of averages, mixed with upgrading yourself, to yield favorable results.
What are you experiencing out there player? -Plan~B, Courtesy of UPA (January 16, 2014) (Comment)

Man, for me and some friends of mine, it seems like there's a resistance to brothers that I don't remember experiencing in my younger years. It seems like women are icy to men they don't know well, even if the guy is a catch. It's still relatively easy to pull women that you are clearly a couple of notches above on the totem pole, but when you are talking about women that would make good "partners", it's like these women have so many options it's hard to stand out. 
I'm trying to transition my game from short-term to long-term, and maybe develop ways to have multiple interactions with a woman before we really start "dating". I knew my last girlfriend for five months before I started kicking it with her. It seems many women are more receptive to those type of situations. –KS2500, Courtesy of UPA (January 16, 2014) (Comment)

Wow! I'd say you pretty much nailed it for most. The single cats I know are pulling women below the meter too, kind of like Tiger Woods did (waitresses, mall kiosk chicks, call center females, students, etc.). Not talking down on any of those because everyone needs a job out here, but there is a definite income disparity there. Those that I know that are pulling decent are risking everything by having office affairs with their co-workers.
You may be right. It may not be the environment for "sweet macking." You may have to go more aggressive or more direct. One of my dudes got married a few years ago to a female he saw in the airport and told to drop her bags so he could carry them and talk to her. She cursed him out. They went back and forth, and she ended up asking him, in the exchange, why was he bothering her in the first place? Ole boy told her because when he saw her, he could see himself having a family with her, but she fucked it up with all her attitude. She melted. They've been together ever since. As a matter of fact, we are having dinner with them tomorrow night.
You may have to go younger then, bruh. Of course, you'd have to deal with the games they play too, but at the very least, you can get ahead of the baggage a bit. However, there’s the thing about value, but if you get them when they're impressionable enough, you can work with that.
I'd advise going bolder and/or going younger to alleviate some of the baggage. That seems to work; look at Tariq and his situation (younger female). He may be on to something. -Plan~B, Courtesy of UPA (January 16, 2014) (Comment)

This segment of men that we are talking about actually believes that it's not tricking if you have it. Paying for a bitch is like a tax write-off to these niggas. They will buy a bitch Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada so fast. We have to go deeper than just waving the white flag and hopping over to the save-a-hoe team. It's that mentality that many of my ball-playing brothers have. I got out of the hood, so now everybody is going to get a Benz. I don't condone that shit by any means, for anybody. Stack your bread.
Now, take a look at cats like Michael Jordan, Hulk Hogan, Tiger Woods, Shaquille O'Neal, and Alex Rodriguez. They had to peel $100+ million off in divorce settlements. So, paying your side-chick a few thousand to keep her mouth shut is a win. My macking ass just refuses to negotiate with a bitch for some pussy to upgrade her lifestyle. 
I'll give you some true spit that happened to me my sophomore year in college about ten years ago, around this time. A chick that I'm fucking with hit me with that “I'm pregnant” line. Now, she doesn’t go to my school. She went to another college around the way about an hour or so away. She would see me on the weekends at my school. We talked for about a year and a half. When she said, "I'm pregnant" I talked her into getting the abortion. She wasn't too gung-ho about it. I paid that $300 so fast. :-D She came back from the abortion as a Debbie Downer, crying saying, "I wanted that baby." Me, I could not give a fuck less. That $300 was my peace of mind; I slept without any worries. Moreover, I have no ties to that bitch. Do I think that bitch got an abortion? Hell no! What did she do with that $300? I don’t know, but again, it was the peace of mind, that at 20 years old, I was willing to pay for. A valuable lesson was reinforced to me. 
Guard yourself at all times because you can fuck around and be linked to a chick that you don't want to be connected to for the rest of your life. –Carhodes33, Courtesy of UPA (January 16, 2014) (Comment)

Broads out here are looking for a captain like crazy. It’s not unusual to meet a woman out here that works a meager job that's looking for a guy that is already established. This is normal in most places in America, though, but for a guy that is already set, dating a woman that is a working progress is stepping down which is why there are so many beautiful, bitter, single broads in America in general. –TheKing_65, Courtesy of UPA (February 15, 2014) (Comment)

Damn, player! This is what I hear from my single friends all of the time. I mean verbatim, player.

It’s wild out there in the field I see. –Plan~B, Courtesy of UPA (February 16, 2014) (Comment)

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