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Law 19 of The 48 Laws of Power In Action

Law 19 - Know who you're dealing with. Do not offend the wrong person. -Robert Greene, The 48 Laws of Power

The phrase “the customer is always right” has completely faded from memory at a lot of these companies. Nowadays, the new phrase is “the customer is always wrong.” I don’t know where businesses began forgetting that it’s their consumers that keep them in business, but it’s quite prominent now. Perhaps government bailouts have made these companies feel invincible since being incorrigible is rewarded. I remember years ago going to Wal-Mart and standing in the CUSTOMER SERVICE department and seeing three people ahead of me being sent back to the front door to have their items tagged as returns because the customer service representative refused to listen to them as they told her that the greeter wasn’t at the door. She didn’t definitively tell them that they snuck in, but her refusal of listening to them said it all. Today, I spoke to the MANAGER at Kelly Services about their e-…

Females Flirting for No Reason

Alright Natural Freedom, I have a question for you. This is a situation that in the past I have had happen to me, and recently a friend had this happen to him as well. My question is why do some women take your info, not hit you up, but when they are around you, attempt to flirt with you again like they did before you passed them your info? The reason why I asked this question is because I do understand why some women continue flirting with guys that have their info. I know that some women do this in an effort to keep the man constantly sweating them. However, guys that pass their info put women in the driver's seat and force them to either make a move or be forgotten, so their constant flirting now just comes off as pointless. I get the vibe that they do this for the purpose of relieving some guilt about having your info but not acting on it. I know that it is easier to forget about someone when they are not around as oppose to when they are around, however, I would like the inpu…

The Difference between a Dusty Dude and a Mack/Player down on His Luck

I was conversing with my friend that has been down on his luck ever since the job-freeze has taken place and decided to kick some game to him. I’m sharing it here, so players can learn some things as well.
Alright, my homie met up with his latest chick, a lawyer, after she closed the office she was at. They had conversed a while before she had to head out. While chatting, she told him about the guy whose office she has been getting setup. The guy is a friend of the family, so she has been helping for free, or close to nothing. Now, for the work she is doing--and the amount of time and energy it has taken—dude should be paying her nicely. However, she is attempting to help him due to his relationship with her family. I told my homie the below.
Tell her to start treating assisting him as a business and charge him, accordingly. Furthermore, tell her to throw that entire friend of the family shit out of the window. Family and friends are the 1st to fuck you over. They get away with it becau…

The White Man/Black Man Double-Standard

The reason I wanted to make this post is because sometimes I introspect about certain situations that I encounter. For instance, often my confidence has been taken as arrogance amongst other Black individuals. Furthermore, often my intelligence is vehemently debated. It is discouraged and not well-received. Finally, there is racism. There are barriers and lockouts that make it harder for me to reach the next plateau.
Now, on the flipside, let’s look at how things would be perceived if I were a White man. My confidence would be well-received. I would not need to downplay myself, and I would not have scores of people attempting to humble me. Moreover, I would not be discouraged and outcast for being intelligent. Finally, my barrier walls would crumble--thus allowing me to reach plateaus much quicker and easier. Everything that I listed here would occur while I continue exhibiting the same characteristics that are received negatively for me being a Black male.
Now, my purpose for making th…

Overtaken by the ISM

When you become overtaken by the ISM, it’s as though your senses become heightened, and your awareness becomes laser sharp. Your words begin flowing smoother than ever before. Thoughts for your next words come to you unexpectedly and immediately. The aura that you give off quickly reaches its max potential. People around you take notice as though something magical is happening. Once the ISM takes hold of you, it’s as though you’re on a different plain where only you and those within your crosshairs exist. You feel as though God is working through you and releasing all of your untapped potential at once. However, once this wears off, you’ll only briefly be able to recount what has just transpired. Furthermore, this feeling isn’t a feeling to indulge in or aspire for too long anyway—since it will leave you spiritually drained.

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Mack of the Day

Alright, I've been on the Metagame for a minute and also on the X-Men trip here lately. However, in the middle of watching this new X-Men movie on FX, and deciphering game, I was hit with some cold, hard pimp game. The scene where Professor X and Magneto walking into the house to get Gene to choose up. Let’s stop right here and break down the game in this simple part of the scene. Now for one, both of these motherfuckers are rivals, but both recognize game and the rules of the game--as well as respect each other’s power and position in the game. Now back to the set. They walk in side by side and approach the bitch. Professor X starts examining the Bitch and fucking with her head with that smooth-player game. Moreover, Magneto spitting that prominent parolee-gangster take-over-the-world game at her. Both are trying to mindfuck the bitch even though they are both acutely aware that she is more powerful than they are. So, they are both using every drop of game in their arsenal to get…

The Mysterious Case Involving Yo Mama Restaurant

This is a post that I wanted to make a long time ago. It involves a restaurant in Memphis called Yo Mama. The owners of the restaurant were leaving their cafĂ© one night when some car thieves approached them to steal their vehicles. Little did these would-be thieves know, however, that the owners were strapped and not afraid to protect themselves and their property. However, this is where the story gets interesting. These owners happened to be Black women. Furthermore, the would-be thieves were Black men. The owners exercised their 2nd Amendment rights and killed these would-be thieves. Afterward, they were arrested, locked-up, and convicted of murder. Now, a few weeks prior to this, the story of the White woman that shot Black would-be robbers that broke into her home was sensationalized. One of the would-be culprits died from the gunshot wound. Now, White supremacist suspects and coons would have you believe the difference in outcome was the area in which the culprits were shot. Howe…

So-Called Good-Men

This is a post I meant to make quite a while ago. However, I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time. Now, nowadays, we have a lot of these so-called good-men. Moreover, if you observe them, you’ll notice that many of them soft-shoe on the coon-train. Furthermore, many have very skewed views. I recall checking out a YouTube video where the guy compared Eastern Culture to Western Culture. He spoke about how in the Eastern Culture women are valued as prizes. However, over here, they’re not. In the video, the guy mentioned that if women in Eastern Culture do anything disrespectful to their man—or if they even get raped—they’ll be stoned or severely punished. He mentioned, however, that in Western Culture that’s not the case. However, the guy was cosigning that kind of treatment and basically saying that needs to happen here. Now, this isn’t the only instance that I’ve heard/read like this. I recall one instance where a guy made a Facebook comment saying that if you pass gas in front of y…