The White Man/Black Man Double-Standard

The reason I wanted to make this post is because sometimes I introspect about certain situations that I encounter. For instance, often my confidence has been taken as arrogance amongst other Black individuals. Furthermore, often my intelligence is vehemently debated. It is discouraged and not well-received. Finally, there is racism. There are barriers and lockouts that make it harder for me to reach the next plateau.
Now, on the flipside, let’s look at how things would be perceived if I were a White man. My confidence would be well-received. I would not need to downplay myself, and I would not have scores of people attempting to humble me. Moreover, I would not be discouraged and outcast for being intelligent. Finally, my barrier walls would crumble--thus allowing me to reach plateaus much quicker and easier. Everything that I listed here would occur while I continue exhibiting the same characteristics that are received negatively for me being a Black male.
Now, my purpose for making this post is to bring out the hypocrisy within the Black community that it has for its own when dealing with the bright and talented Black males within the community. The Black community needs to stop blacklisting its own for exhibiting confidence and showcasing intelligence. I do not expect the White community to stop practicing racism, but the Black community can, at least, be more welcoming to its talented few individuals.

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