King’s Rule

Everyone knows about Pareto’s Rule (80/20). Well, in the Black community, we like to take things to the extreme, so I’m introducing my rule—King’s Rule (90/10).
Now, if you observe the way females post on social media, then, you know that it is impossible for them to be making posts about the majority of Black men. Black women are fucking 10% of the male populace in the Black community.
Moreover, 5% are affluent, and the other 5% are broke. Black females try to date rich guys in an attempt to come up. This doesn’t work out because average women are just liabilities for affluent guys, and affluent guys simply have too many other options available. So, Black females date broke guys because they can control them because broke guys are reliant upon them. 
Now, 90% of the posts on social media are about the aforementioned 10% of men. Moreover, the dismissed 90% of the available guys aren’t dependent upon females. However, this 90% is invisible in the eyes of 90% of females. This leaves 10% of marketable females available. However, 9% of them are taken. This leaves 1% unaccounted for. This 1% represents the mythical beings that 90% of Black men fare best with.
To further articulate my points, let’s get into some of the common complaints posted online by most Black women. They complain about guys cheating, dudes having no plans, men depending on them, and, generally how they’re treated. You’ll rarely see females complaining about the "gentlemen" that treat them nicely and pay for everything. Moreover, if they do, then you’ll usually see females complaining about these guys being too nice.
Now, wrapping things up; on the flipside, 90% of posts coming from men is them complaining about 90% of the women. They’re usually complaining about being overlooked, dismissive behavior shown towards them, being taken for granted, encountering bitterness that Black women attained from only attempting to date 10% of the Black male populace, and generally delusions of grandeur they’ve encountered.
In conclusion, to the reader, thank you for sticking with me. I know this was a lot of math. However, you now understand King's Rule and how it relates to the Black dating community. –TheKing_65 (April 25, 2016)

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