Legacy--Solidifying The Group Economics Plan: The Network

In the last post, Legacy--Solidifying The Group Economics Plan, networking was touched upon briefly. I decided to expound upon it. To begin, in the business world, your network is your life’s blood. We live and die by our network. This is why it’s so paramount to build a strong network. Now, specifying this post to be about Melanoid Empowerment—I’m going to speak specifically about us networking.
Now, it’s paramount to form business relationships with other Melanese brothers and sisters for the greater good. Moreover, since there are a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs, we must view ourselves as though we are all within one circle. We must become a collective of business-practicing Melaneses that refer one another. Furthermore, if someone wants to do business with one of us--and we happen not to have that one product that he/she needs--we need to refer that person to someone within the circle that happens to have the one product that we do not happen to have. Only if that referral, and no one else within the circle, happens to not have the product that the consumer is looking for, should we now refer that person to a sideline referral. Sideline referrals are people we happen to know of that are not directly within our circle. These sideline referrals are our non-Melanoid contacts. Now, before sending anyone to a sideline referral, we first must feed those within our inner circle. However, when we do send someone to our sideline referral, we can let the person know to let the sideline referral know that we sent them. This is the second step to keeping economy within the Melanoid community. The only time that we should recommend someone to go outside of our inner circle and our sideline referrals is when we happen to have no way of fulfilling his/her need amongst us. This is when we should tap the dominant society. We must keep as much money flowing within our community as possible before sending people out. –Derrick Mills (May 27, 2015)

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