For us 35+ cats, what's the best way to attempt to get no-strings-attached sex from an attractive woman? I continue to run across women that want relationships. Moreover, the only chicks I meet that are down for casual sex with me are the chubby and/or hurt face ones. –KS2500, Courtesy of UPA (May 08, 2016) (Post)

Go international or date down. Considering the income that you’re bringing in, many women view you as their savior, so unless you’re willing to play that role, you’re going to have to date down. Most women only bring their ability to provide sex to the table. Being that you have way more disposable income than broke bitches, they’re going to throw you the pussy in an attempt to catch you. If you don’t mind dating women with little to anything going for them, then you can smash all the time. However, most females at your level are practicing hypergamy, so they’re holding out for guys with much more than them. By the way, most women below you are practicing it as well. It just so happens that in their equation, you’re the come-up that they’re hoping to catch. Now, you can deal with this reality, or you can travel internationally in a variety of ways. You can take vacations, go on cruises, and/or even get an assignment overseas.
I’m going to go a little deeper. American women delude themselves into believing that their pussies are golden and that all it takes is pussy to lock a man--no matter how much he has going for himself. They believe this fallacy despite reality blatantly broadcasting the opposite. However, they prefer lovely media lies over discordant reality truths. –TheKing_65, Courtesy of UPA (May 08, 2016) (Comment)

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