Why Black Men Can't Be "Mens Rights Activists"

This post was initially a video made by Professor Black Truth. However, the video got taken down by YouTube. Initially, I was going to make a post that detailed why. However, his video did such a splendid job that I didn’t feel I needed to make a post about this. However, the reason Black men should shy away from this movement is that many “Red Pill” White guys are White supremacists. I recall a post on the website Alpha Game Plan talking about a Reddit section called “Niggers.” Several notable Red Pill theorists commented on it. Everyone was generally upset that the site was taken down. Now, to Black men that claim to be Red Pill and have some sort of alliance with Neo-Conservative White Supremacists, they view you as niggers. Moreover, the biggest issue in Black society is racism—, particularly for Black men. Feminism is a secondary issue that we deal with. Additionally, many feminists are also White supremacists that are having a scuffle with White men. They dupe stupid Black women into joining their cause. However, White men in America are the silent majority when it comes to power. So, if they wanted to remove racism, they could put laws into effect that would remove it. They could put government subsidies in effect that would immediately rectify centuries of wrongs that we’ve incurred. They could remove women from being considered a minority—thus granting them double-minority status. This transports benefits, initially, created for Black people back to White society. Furthermore, White men could divest feminist movements like #MeToo. White men could put laws into effect that severely punish those that make false rape claims. Also, employers could quit kowtowing to women that make bogus complaints against men. So, White men are the reason behind all of the anarchy that has given rise to movements such as Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW), Introspective Black Men Of Reform (IBMOR), Men’s Rights Movement (MRM), Masculinism, Feminism, and the Red Pill.


The Red Pill is just a derivative of game. Black people have been using game for centuries to maneuver under harsh standards.

You can find videos form Professor Black Truth here.

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