The Universe Has a Funny Way of Working Itself Out

As you know, I work in the insurance industry. So in other words, I am an entrepreneur. However, outside of my clients, I do still have bosses. Furthermore, my bosses offer me advice to the best of their knowledge—and based off of their biases. Now, regardless of what one does, we live in America, and America is still racist at its core. Therefore, regardless of what degree of freedom one attains through his/her profession, racist prejudices will still be incorporated.
Now, with the aforementioned, I have been advised that I needed to dress up my image a bit more. I need to take the pen out of my shirt, and I need to stop wearing skullcaps because it doesn’t look professional. Now, if I were a game-goofy clown--that believes everything his/her white counterpart tells him/her--, then I’d accept this advice with no questions asked. However, I’m not. I understand that some people are racists and will create any excuse to voice their disdain for me. So with that in mind, I do not take racist biases seriously. Therefore, when my director, and manager, mentioned these things I disregarded them. I already suspect them of being White supremacists--due to them having “Back the Blue” stickers on the back of their vehicles. These suspected White supremacists are always the ones that are gung-ho about supporting law enforcement. The average white person doesn’t give two spits about a cop. However, suspected White supremacists love police officers because they realize that police officers are the enforcement arm of White supremacy. Therefore, whenever I see White people that overly endorse law enforcement, I automatically assume that they may be White supremacists.
Now that the aforementioned has been stated, I can get to the gist of this post. Years ago, I made a post about standing on your principles; that post comes into play here. Years ago, while I was working for another financial firm, I learned the importance of commanding respect. It is true, in my field I work on commission; therefore, if I do not sell, I do not get paid. However, since I am my own boss, I get to pick and choose who I do business with and who I don’t. Therefore, if a person chooses to attempt to treat me disrespectfully, I turn down his/her business. This may hurt me in the short-run; however, in the long-run, this will pay off with exorbitant interest. Every business has to have its own principles—and so do entrepreneurs. If/when I turn down a person for not treating me accordingly, I’ll go to my next appointment, exude the same presence, command respect, and get positive results. This works two-fold because when I start introducing newer people to the business. They’ll understand how to conduct themselves with dignity and respect. Furthermore, and this goes beyond logical rationalization, people are far more willing to spend their money with people that they perceive to be important. This is why not allowing oneself to be disrespected for money is so important.
Now that I’ve explained the importance of standing on one’s principles, I am going to get into the karmic element of this post. To illustrate my point, I will use the state of Florida. Many years ago, Florida allowed the murderer, George Zimmerman, to get away with killing the child, Trayvon Martin. However, low and behold, many years later a mass killing erupts in Florida by the very same people that have sworn to uphold an oath to protect the people. Moreover, this karmic retribution goes beyond human actions; take, for example, the natural disasters that constantly plagued this country, primarily in white areas. Also, let’s not forget about this new illness that only targets White people. We all put out energy into the world. Moreover, positive energy begets positive consequences, and negative energy begets negative consequences. Therefore, I put out positive energy into the world.

Finally, I’ve noticed that people that are so gung-ho about disrespecting others, also happen to be broke. I already talked about—in a previous post--that green trumps skin color. However, I only briefly delved into the transgression of this common law. However, the transgression is chaos and instability.

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