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Get Women on Your Terms

I think enough is enough. Men today have to endure lousy advice from friends, mothers, and females about dating. They've been told to treat women special. I'm here to say, "Be specific." You don't treat all women special; you treat exceptional women, the right type of women, special. Women with class need to be treated as such. Women who don't even respect themselves don't deserve an ego boost to justify their behavior.
Women, whether they want to admit it or not, wish to be with a man on his terms. If a man is with her on her terms, she subconsciously disrespects him. Think I'm full of shit? When a woman asks you, "Where are we going on a date?" and your response is "I don't know. Wherever you want to go.", she's going to think very little of you. When you don't display masculine authority in the relationship, she's going to believe you're weak and may end up sleeping with a dude behind your back who has no prob…

Media Manipulation

I want to talk about various instances of media manipulation. While on LinkedIn, I recall seeing articles talk about the economic progress that is taking place in America. Now, from my previous articles, we know that the exact opposite is occurring. Another example of media manipulation is things related to the Kardashians. Most Black people don’t observe the daily happenings of the Kardashians. Whenever Kim wears a Black hair doo--which the media will rename something else, i.e., calling cornrows boxer braids, we don’t notice until an article pops up about Black people allegedly upset about it. These articles will pop up and tell us how we feel about specific topics and then sheeple will get in line and invoke that feeling. The same media manipulation attempts to transpire when a Black spokesperson gets on camera and states his/her opinions on relevant topics. Often, the person speaking is reading from a pre-approved script and is voicing what White supremacist suspects want him/her …

Ignorance Is Not a Luxury Afforded to Black People

Several months ago, I was at a shopping center to print off a document so that I could mail it off. I had already labeled my envelope and was going into FedEx Kinkos with my thumb-drive, envelope, and book of stamps. Now, as I got out of my car, a breeze blew by blowing my book of stamps out of my hand and into the car next to mine. The reason my stamp-booklet was able to blow into the car next to me was that it was a luxury drop-top Porsche. Moreover, it had its top dropped. Now, when it happened, for a split second I thought about opening the back-door (my stamp-booklet fell on the floor of the backseat) to grab my booklet. However, I immediately realized that would not be a good idea. If I did that, it would be presumed that I’m trying to either steal something or the vehicle itself. So, due to this, I decided that I’ll have to contact security to have them contact the driver so that he/she can pass me my stamp-booklet. Now, in this situation, I went into Kinkos first, and by the t…

Jobs that Black Men can get without Begging

In today’s economy, Black men essentially have to beg employers to hire us; the reason being is that we’re in an employer’s market. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how qualified we are, we still end up competing against numerous, desperate, candidates that are willing to accept gigs for less than what they're worth. Furthermore, companies discriminate against hiring Black men anyway. To add further to our employment disenfranchisement, many companies have outsourced their jobs to staffing firms. So, companies are able to fill roles without having to pay benefits. Also, when the tasks have been completed—and things begin slowing down—companies are able to layoff its workforce without having to pay unemployment. This keeps workers—specifically Black workers—constantly living in a state of panic. You never know when you may get let go. It also doesn’t help that many companies aren’t concerned with having reputable reputations. So, they don’t care at all about reneging on their agreement…

Employer’s Market

In today’s economy, we have an employer’s market. This means that the job market is overwhelmingly in favor of employers. This grants employers leverage to hire and fire whenever they want. However, despite these advantages that they have, many employers are crying wolf about there just not being any eligible candidates to fill their roles. What these employers—that happen to be White—are really saying is that there aren’t any suitable White candidates to fill these roles. Right now, America is in the midst of an opioid epidemic which bears the likeness of the bubonic plague. Moreover, these jobs are what are considered to be “good” high-paying jobs. So, companies don’t want to hire Black people to fill these roles. In fact, many are discussing removing drug testing because it’s proving to be too much of a barrier. So, these employers would rather hire drug addicts and lose money on 2 ends (paying the addict’s salary and losing money due to low productivity) than hire qualified Black …