Jobs that Black Men can get without Begging

In today’s economy, Black men essentially have to beg employers to hire us; the reason being is that we’re in an employer’s market. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how qualified we are, we still end up competing against numerous, desperate, candidates that are willing to accept gigs for less than what they're worth. Furthermore, companies discriminate against hiring Black men anyway. To add further to our employment disenfranchisement, many companies have outsourced their jobs to staffing firms. So, companies are able to fill roles without having to pay benefits. Also, when the tasks have been completed—and things begin slowing down—companies are able to layoff its workforce without having to pay unemployment. This keeps workers—specifically Black workers—constantly living in a state of panic. You never know when you may get let go. It also doesn’t help that many companies aren’t concerned with having reputable reputations. So, they don’t care at all about reneging on their agreements—or even changing their contracts after having hired you. They’re afforded these leverages because many in the Black community don’t have adequate access to legal representation. Therefore, newer companies that hire people directly will even let employees go as though they’re contracted-employees. They just layoff employees before they’ve been employed for 6 months. So, all of this creates a conundrum for Black employees. How do you create a lifestyle that allows you to settle down? The answer is to look into careers that pay well--that you don’t mind doing--, and that is always hiring. This brings about my post. Back in February, I wanted to leave my last company because it crippled itself too much by spending too much time doing things against its Black employees. So, in order to transition to somewhere else, I began using my LinkedIn account to apply for different jobs. Moreover, I, even, messaged the job posters to bring further attention to my applications. I went as far as sending a “Thank You” email to one hiring manager after he interviewed me. The feedback I’d get—whenever I got feedback—amounted to me being overqualified. This is a ploy to stroke your ego as to why they’re not going to hire you. There’s no such thing as being overqualified. When White executives go through rifts, these same companies don’t turn down their applications because they’re “overqualified.” So, don’t be fooled. These are just discriminatory hiring practices that amount to “You’re actually qualified, but I don’t want to hire you because you’re Black, so I’m just to going to lie to you to stroke your ego.” So, this caused me to come to a critical junction in my life. Would I continue sending scores of resumes to different companies—most of which don’t even get viewed—or would I come-up with a way to streamline my job searching? This way I could send a few resumes out that get me interviews and invites to be hired. I chose the latter. Upon doing this, I analyzed today’s job climate and realized that there’re 4 jobs that are always hiring in America that Black men can always get. They are:
1) Military
2) Truck Driving
3) Teaching (provided that you, at least, have a Bachelor’s Degree)
4) Insurance Agent

1) These are 4 career fields that Black men can get jobs without having to beg. The military is always hiring. Moreover, if you don’t mind ridiculous customs and courtesies, and you’re not too bothered about possibly being called to fight in a war that has nothing to do with you, then this is a viable option. Also, depending on what branch you choose, you’ll spend a lot of time away from your family. (Personally, I’d recommend the Air Force if you want to spend time with your family—or if you hope to start a family within 20 years. If starting a family within 20 years isn’t in your crosshairs, then I’d recommend the Navy; you’ll get to travel more.) It has the best benefits out of the 4. It pays for your schooling. It also gives you an opportunity to travel the world on the government’s dime.
2) Truck driving may be the highest paying out of the 4. You’ll also get the opportunity to travel the country while making money. However, you’ll live on the road. Also, you’ll have to be meticulous with recordkeeping because you’ll likely need to file taxes quarterly to keep from having to pay an astronomical sum; this is if you become an Owner Operator. For typical truck driving employees, this may not be such an issue. Many companies will pay for your truck-driver's schooling, pay for your licensing, and hire you.
3) For those that already have formal education, grade schools are always looking for male teachers. Many Black students rarely see a Black male teacher, so we’re grossly under-represented in this labor market. Therefore, affirmative action will work in our favor here. Teachers have great benefits. Also, you can retire after 30 years. Pensions are being replaced with 401K's, however. Also, the pay isn’t terrible—despite what people may tell you. However, you’ll have to come out of your own pockets for much of your supplies. So, you’re spending your own money to do your job. (However, you can write this off on your taxes.) The major issue with being a teacher is, at a minimum, you’ll be working 50 hours a week. Starting out for the 1st 2 years, you’ll likely be working 55-57 hours a week. Some of these hours during the 1st 2 years will be spent studying to get your teaching certification. Teach for America will pay for it and provide you with the training necessary to get it. There’s 1 more underlying problem that Black men that choose this route will face. You’re at the mercy of your female students once they get in high school. They’ll already know about sex. Moreover, they’ll begin to understand that being female grants them credibility in sexual and physical allegations, so if they don’t like you, they can make false sexual allegations against you and your career will be ruined—possibly, even, your freedom.
4) Last, is insurance; in this career, typical agents start out making $30K annually. (Inflate that amount according to your area.) So, this career pays the least starting out. However, it has the 2nd best benefits. Also, one can retire from insurance in 5 years. Now, it’s important to ensure that you get the necessary licenses to ensure your livelihood. There are a total of 4 licenses that you need to get, property, casualty, life, and health. You can always get a job in insurance for a life and/or health insurance company. However, these companies are straight commission. Moreover, most people don’t make any money doing this. Furthermore, the ones that do, don’t make enough to survive off of. The insurance business is very racist. So, White people at the top are always creating barriers that limit our success and impede our incomes. However, by having your life, health, property, and casualty licenses, you can get on at a company like Allstate, Nationwide, State Farm, and others. These companies do property and casualty insurance along with life and health insurance. The emphasis is the property and casualty, however. Jobs that require you to get your property and casualty licenses pay you an hourly wage along with commissions for everything that you sell. So, you’re guaranteed to get paid just for being there, and then again for everything that you sell; that’s money on top of money. Furthermore, the following year—if your policyholders keep their policies in force—you’ll receive renewals and get residuals. So, this is additional money to add to what you’ll get paid for being there and get paid for selling policies. So, now you’re getting paid 3 different ways while you’re there. (You receive your residuals as long as the policies stay in force, by the way.) So, you’re building your retirement. Furthermore, since part of your income is tied into commissions, no one is going to be breathing over you to extract production from you. So, you’ll be self-directed. If you have the licenses, then 98% of the time if you apply for a job at an insurance company, you’re going to get hired. So, if 1 company just isn’t working out, then you can just go somewhere else. Moreover, after 5 years max at being at 1 company, your residuals are locked in for life—even if you leave—as long as the policies stay in force. Each year you do this, your income is going to be higher because of residuals.
The below is the average cost breakdown to get your licenses.
$250 (on-site) pre-licensing class for property and casualty licenses
$54 for license tests
$50 for the licenses
$33 for fingerprints
$200 (on-site) pre-licensing class for life and health license
$54 for license tests
$50 for the licenses
$33 for fingerprints (if you wait more than 6 months to get your 2nd set of licenses) You can waive having to pay for fingerprints a 2nd time if you get both sets within 6 months.
Total $724 or $691 (within 6 months)

By the way, some companies will pay for all of these for you if you take a job as a customer service representative with them.

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