The Importance of Establishing Our Own Language

This is a post that I’ve meant to make for the longest. This post deals, specifically, with establishing a code. The most crucial element of navigating White supremacy is our ability to communicate with each other without being censored. Furthermore, we need to limit hecklers and eavesdroppers as best as possible. Therefore, creating—or instead choosing—a different language to use amongst each other is essential. Now, it takes various elements of creativity to create a language from scratch. Moreover, I’m not equipped to do that. However, we don’t have to. Back in elementary school, I remember we had to learn Pig-Latin for a little bit of time. It was a very short duration for which we had to learn Pig-Latin. Moreover, after that small measure of time, I never had to use it again. However, in today’s times, using a unique language to encode our messages is more important than ever. Many notable YouTubers are routinely blocked for speaking unfavorable truths about the dominant society. White supremacist suspects go intentionally troll and report their content. Furthermore, since YouTube is a White supremacist controlled medium owned by Google—which also has White supremacists laden throughout its company culture—Melanese content-creators’ videos are routinely taken down. Moreover, their channels are lost. This is all because White supremacist suspects don’t like their content. Moreover, YouTube aims to please these White supremacist suspects. However, speaking an unknown language would open the lines of communication. Also, it’d stop videos from being taken down so much. It’s harder to flag something as hate speech or bullying when one doesn’t even know what’s being said. Of course, this means that we’d have to get on code as well and learn Pig-Latin. However, the benefit would be that we could hold meaningful conversations with each other in public without outsiders peering in to learn our movements and strategies. (This doesn’t mean that we should hold important conversations in public.) We don’t own any major mediums. So, we can at least practice the same language. Furthermore, I’m talking about speaking Pig-Latin worldwide as our universal language. This way we can communicate with one another across the globe.
Now, many of you are probably thinking that White supremacist suspects will just learn this language and things will return to the way that they are. However, this is where you’re wrong. The purpose of speaking a different language isn’t to eliminate eavesdropping from outsiders; that’s impossible. The purpose is to raise the difficulty of eavesdropping. Now, White supremacist suspects won’t be able to just wander around us and listen in. They’ll have to take the time to learn our language 1st in order to listen in. Many of them aren’t going to do that; only the staunchest will go that far. Moreover, if you still don’t believe me, why do jobs pay more money to multi-lingual employees? It’s because speaking more than one’s native language is still considered novel. Most people in the United States only speak English unless they derive from a different country—or their roots lie in a different country. For people born here—without parents from another country—unless grade school formally teaches them how to speak another language, most aren’t going to bother learning one. So, the same thing will apply here. So, most of us need to get down and learn Pig-Latin so that we can start codifying our messages.

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