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The Benefits of Journaling Part 2

Journaling is like the martial arts; it’s a discipline. To get the mental, emotional, and insightful breakthroughs that you are looking for, one has to be disciplined and consistent. You can’t journal 1 week, and then take the next 3 weeks off; being consistent is the key.
Journaling works because it causes you to be introspective. When you journal, you are really asking yourself questions that you wouldn’t usually ask yourself; this is called “self-discovery.” You are learning new things about yourself. The benefits of journaling are amazing. One benefit a person obtains through journaling is total recall. When you start journaling, and you are consistent with it, you will get into the habit of recalling your day as you journal. When you do this on a regular, your memory will become sharper. 
Another benefit of journaling is your handwriting will improve. Handwriting is 1/3 of literacy. These days, people don’t physically write anymore, and neither do they remember. There was a time wh…

Winning Over The Guardians

Something that I am excellent at is pulling females when they are with their guardians. I developed this skill because, nowadays, many women live with their parents. Furthermore, guardians can either be your biggest cheerleaders or your biggest cock-blockers; it’s up to you to decide which side you allow them to take. Personally, I prefer to allow guardians to be my biggest cosigners.
Now--contrary to popular belief--you don’t win guardians over with pandering. You present yourself as the thoroughbred you are. You allow the female to get a preview of what’s in store for her if she chooses to mess with you. In other words, you introduce yourself to the guardian and strike up a small conversation that provides you with information as to the relationship that the guardian has with the female you’re interested in. Personally, if it is a female guardian--and she is attractive--I will give her little compliments that cycle back to the female that I am about to get at. If it is a male guardia…

What Would Happen If Segregation Never Ended?

Before I pretend like I'm the doctor from "Back to The Future," let's talk a little about being forced into giving something to someone. You may be saying, "Hey, what integration did was good because you wouldn't have Black folks working for lucrative companies like Microsoft.” Well, after this post you're going to be like "Wow, I would have never imagined a world where we had the chips in our favor." Anyway, a lot of these companies don't hire Black folks because they want to; they hire them to meet a quota in certain cases. If you start your sentence by saying, "In the company I work for I'm the first Black" you already know what the deal is. When you focus on getting yours, you'll see something amazing happen. Okay, Marty, let's travel back to a time when Black folks had to deal with having to put up with signs that said: "No Coloreds Allowed.”

Let's say we time-traveled and we were carrying the book Powerno…

Know-it-Alls Know Nothing

Alright, I once got into an argument with a guy on someone else’s post in regards to finances. The post stemmed from someone talking about stacking enough money to invest in mutual funds. The man attempted to tell the person that they should focus more on investing in a business. I chimed in and let the guy know that investing in mutual funds is equivalent to investing in companies. The guy tried to play a game of semantics, so I posted a link that backed my claim. Next, the man stated that--although he does not understand the stock market--he understands business, so he knows what he was talking about when he told the person to focus on investing in a company. To counter his argument, I said to the guy that I have a mutual fund and have made money from mutual funds, so I know what I am talking about; I also told the person to pick up “Personal Finances For Dummies” to become more financially savvy. This caused the person to attempt an ad hominem attack by inquiring how many shares do…